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1 Month Old Baby Development New 2020

1 Month Old Baby Development

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Soothing Your Fussy Baby

Your baby’s howls might be ringing in your ears by now, since crying peaks around 6 weeks of age. For most babies, that should mean less fussing going forward. But if your baby’s among the one in four who experience colic — inconsolable crying that can last up to four hours at a time — you might have to wait a few more months till she truly settles down. While doctors aren’t quite clear on what causes colic, they do know you’re probably the person best equipped to soothe your fussy baby. Try swaddling, going for car rides, even placing your baby’s car seat near a running dryer, where the sound and the repetitive rumble can calm her. Something different might do the trick every time, so keep trying new sob soothers. And remember that this, too, shall pass. For most children, colic slowly dissipates by 9 months.

Vaccines 101

This month you’ll also head in for your baby’s first round of immunizations. Frightening as that might seem, rest assured that the Centers for Disease Control has found no evidence of a link between autism and immunizations. And vaccines are integral to keeping both your baby and everyone else’s healthy. Still feeling confused? Ask your doctor to explain the purpose and risks of immunizations. Then gear up for the DTaP, rotavirus, Hib, hepatitis B, and polio shots by asking if your little one can nurse while she’s injected — it’ll help her stop crying quicker — or by dosing her with infant acetaminophen either before or after the appointment to ease the pain.

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