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10 Baby Registry items you can’t find on Amazon New 2020

Be on the Sea activity floor mat

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0 Baby Registry items you can’t find on Amazon

Is Amazon the everything store? Nope, it’s the most-things store. Here are my 10 baby favorites you won’t find there.

Parasol Diapers

Parasol diapers are soft and eco-conscious

Soft, absorbent, and safe? What more could you want out of your diapers? Parasol Diapers are beautiful, too. Their diaper and wipe subscriptions make it super easy to set-it-and-forget-it. You will change so many diapers, and it makes your life a lot easier to not have to remember to order them, too.

Baby Basics

Basic clothing should be easy, but kids clothing seems to infinitely complicated. Before you turn around that cute romper from last week is out of stock and discontinued. So two moms started, and I am so grateful. Everything is well made, under $25, and in bright solid colors. (I wish they had an adult line.)

The Baby Monitor That Will Change Your Life

Sometimes when my kid is sleeping, I am more worried about him than when he’s awake. Most baby monitors have grainy video picture, poor sound quality, lackluster battery life– they generally suck. But the Nanit is a new hi-tech baby monitor with HD video that tracks your baby’s sleep patterns. Expected to ship in October 2016.

Clothes that Make You a Better Parent

Talk Read Sing has clothing to make you an awesome parent

When I had my son, Ben, the hospital gave me a one-piece with suggestions for how to talk to my baby: “Let’s clap a song,” “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”¦,” stuff like that. I know that talking to my baby is important, but it’s hard to remember. And it worked. I felt like a better mom when Ben was wearing it because I was reminded to stay engaged. They are made by Talking is Teaching: Talk, Read, Sing, a campaign to encourage parents to talk, read, and sing with children starting at birth. Now you can buy them from Babylist, and with every purchase, you are giving one to another family. Pretty cool.

Home-cooked Meals

Sometimes the best present is a frozen lasagna. When you have a newborn, pre-made, homemade food keeps you sane, and you are not a weaker person for asking your family and friends to stock your freezer. I promise.

Be on the Sea Activity Floor Mat

Be on the Sea activity floor mat

Be on the Sea activity floor mat from Land of Nod

I love a good pun. I also love unusual and fun baby toys. The whimsical children’s store Land of Nod makes this activity floor mat with whales, snails, jellyfish, and other undersea creatures. It entertains the little ones and doesn’t look too shabby in a living room or a nursery.

Cheapest Crib You Can Find at IKEA

Shelling out for a crib doesn’t make much sense to me. (I prefer to spend more on the mattress.) At $79.99, this IKEA crib is a great buy.

The Cutest Clothes for Boys (and Girls)

When it comes to clothes, girls get to have all the fun. I have two boys, and it can be hard to find cute, stylish clothes for babies that don’t have bows all over them. This line of clothes has chic bold prints for boys and girls, so everyone can look cool.

Monica and Andy’s Coming Home Cuddle Box

Monica & Andy's Cutest Cuddle Boxes for coming home with newborn You might not want to shell out for the onesies that your little one is going to wear (and get dirty) every day, but when you bring your baby home from the hospital, it’s a nice touch to put on a special outfit for the first time that they come home (and get photographed). These sweet cuddle boxes from Monica and Andy make the day extra special.

Cold Hard Cash

Babies are wonderful, but they can also be pricey! Sometimes what you need is cold hard cash. A diaper fund, a childcare fund, a take-out fund, a wine fund, or a very precocious college fund, the Cash Fund feature at BabyList allows you to set how much you want, name your fund, and tell your loved ones why it’s important to you and your family. Also it’s a great way to let multiple people contribute to a big ticket item like a stroller.

Your baby registry should be as unique as you are, so don’t feel like you have to stick to one store. With Babylist, you can add anything to your registry from any store:, Ikea, Target, even Amazon.


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