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10 Best Baby Swim Diapers of 2019 New 2020

10 Best Baby Swim Diapers of 2019

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10 Best Baby Swim Diapers of 2019

Watching your baby giggle as he splashes excitedly during his very first dip is the sweetest. Realizing when they announce “Everybody out! We need to shock the pool” that your budding Michael Phelps was the cause? Less sweet. The right swim diaper is key.

You’ll find plenty of swim diapers to choose from, but they all have one thing in common: they’re not absorbent like a regular diaper, but designed only to hold in solids. (Pee will pass through, but that’s why public pools are so heavily chlorinated. It’s the bacteria in poo that’s the problem.)

You can choose reusable swim diapers, which can be washed, or disposables. Each have their fans among parents. Worth noting: If your baby is exclusively breastfed or hasn’t yet started solids (in either case he’ll have poop that is more liquid than solid), reusables tend to do a better job than disposables. Still, you’ll want the backup of plastic pants over the swim diaper, as well as really snug fit around the legs.

Here are some of the best baby swim diapers you can pick up this season.

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10 Best Baby Swim Diapers of 2019

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