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10 Best Desserts From Around The World ”

While some travel restrictions are still in place, you can at least savor different corners of the world. Delight yourself with desserts from across the seven continents! Here are ten of the most popular sweets from around the world! 

1. Baklava

This dessert is linked to modern-day Turkey but is rooted in the Ottoman Empire. It consists of layers of crunchy pastry wrapped around a nutty core and drowned in honey or rosewater syrup. 

The sticky sweet is surprisingly light and refreshing. 

There are so many variations you can never get bored of them. Any crunchy nut can be used as a filling, but the most popular kinds are pistachio, peanuts, and walnuts. What is more, some fruits, mainly berries, can be added too. The original version of the pastry is made with animal fat, but vegetarian options exist. 

2. Apple Strudel

The combination of thin, soft layers of dough, baked apple, breadcrumbs, and soaked raisins make this pastry so recognizable. It comes from Austria, and it was a traditional dessert at the Imperial Court. Nowadays, you can find it in all the cafes in Vienna, with various fruits and nuts added. Plums and walnuts are the most popular additions.

3. Chocolate Mousse

Mousse is the French word for foam. The dessert is paradoxically both rich and light, and the texture is a big part of its appeal. This is what makes chocolate mousse so recognizable and so popular. 

You have to try this dessert at least once! You will be seduced by this creamy goodness! Bring a taste of France to your table and delight your senses!

4. Spanish Cake

The soft pastry dough and sweet icing blend heavenly with the crunchy walnuts in this cake. The dessert is called Spanish cake, although there is nothing distinctly Spanish about it. This is one of the desserts you can easily make at home. It will be greatly appreciated by everyone! 

Enjoy the simple deliciousness of this cake and see for yourself why it is so popular around the world! 

5. Ice Cream (Gelato) 

The most famous ice cream comes from Italy, in the shape of gelato. This frozen sweet has a creaminess to it brought on by the lower fat content and tolerance to heat. It is a perfect treat for warm summer days and a paradoxical companion in the middle of winter. There are no rules that forbid it, after all, so treat yourself to gelato whenever you feel like something sweet, light, and subtle!  

6. Lemon Tart

Another French invention, the lemon tart, combines a crunchy soft crust with a silky lemon cream that mixes the acidity of lemon with the sweetness of butter. It is a great, refreshing dessert for summer, but it is heavier than ice cream. Enjoy a slice of lemon tart after a light lunch or with a cup of sweet tea!  

7. Tiramisu

This coffee-flavored cake originates from Italy, and it has seen many changes over time. The original is made with soft mascarpone cream layered between coffee-soaked lady’s fingers and covered with finely grated chocolate. 

8. Jian Dui (Sesame Balls)

This Chinese dessert is exactly what the name indicates: deep-fried balls made of a smooth, sweet bean paste, covered in a layer of starch, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. They are surprisingly light and very sweet, so one or two at the end of a copious meal should be more than enough!  

9. Trifle

This popular dessert originates from the UK. It is composed of layers of sponge cake, fruit, and whipped cream, which creates the trio effect the name indicates. It is a refreshing dessert, and if the sponge cake is drowned in a light syrup, it is extra refreshing during summer!  

10. Mochi

Mochi is a traditional Japanese dessert, a glutinous rice paste mixed with starch, water, sugar, and flavoring. It comes in a variety of flavors, but the most popular one is green tea. Some variations even contain filling!  

Piece of Cake

There you have it, our top 10 desserts from around the world! And the best thing is that many of these are very easy to make. 

Which one is your favorite? Is there a dessert we should have included in the list and did not? We are waiting for your feedback in the comments section. Also, we would be very happy if you would share any traditional desserts from your region.

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10 Best Desserts From Around The World

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