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10 Best Stroller Wagons [for Families On the Go!] New 2020

family on a walk

A stroller is an absolute must when you have children, whether it is for traveling or just doing errands. Strollers traditionally focus on transporting the child first and storage second. This can be tricky for families with multiple children and the gear needed for an outing. If you are looking to branch out from the typical double stroller set-up, check out our list of the 10 best stroller wagons below! 

A stroller wagon solves the storage problem! It also gives families a collapsible, easy to transport wagon with the functionality and safety of a stroller. On top of that, a stroller wagon is great for travel because it collapses and stores like a stroller but gives a lot more space to carry cargo and children through the day.

10 Best Stroller Wagons [for Families On the Go!]

family on a walk

1: Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon 

stroller wagon hybrid

This stroller wagon can safely transport two children, each gets its own 5-point harness on the short sides of the wagon. They sit facing each other with cargo space in the middle of the wagon. 

The interior padding is removable for easy washing, and the fabric canopy can be removed as needed. I love that this Keenz wagon can be pushed or pulled, providing both wagon and stroller functionality. For storage, the wagon does collapse and stand on its own. Accessories include a cup holder, cooler bag, canopy, storage bag, and storage cover.

The Numbers: 

The age range for this wagon is for babies that can sit unassisted to bigger children with a max weight of 45 lbs each. The wagon’s max cargo weight, including children and other items, is 110 lbs, which is plenty for carrying young children and the necessary gear for the day.

2: Wonderfold Wagon Model W2

Best Stroller Wagons

Wonderfold wagons are unique in that they can offer 4-in-1 functionality to be a bassinet, crib, stroller, and wagon, all in one unit. This stroller wagon has two elevated seats with harnesses to allow children from 6 months in age up to 45 pounds to ride higher in the wagon and see their surroundings. Below the seats there is a 19-inch deep storage compartment with a side access panel, giving the kids a space to crawl in and out of the wagon, as well as keeping your items within reach while out and about. 

Accessories include a slidable canopy that can be adjusted to block the sun throughout the day, an adjustable handle, one step easy foot brake, and side zipper front door. This stroller wagon does collapse and stands on its own for easy storage.

The Numbers: 

The maximum weight capacity of this stroller wagon is 200 lbs.

 3: Wonderfold Wagon Model W4

Best Stroller Wagons

This is also a Wonderfold, but it is the larger of their wagon models. This stroller wagon uses the same features and functions of the W2 but has 4 harnesses in two bench seats. This allows four children to sit higher and look out while riding in the wagon. The same below storage is set up here, with the ability for the storage space to carry gear or become a bassinet or crib.

Both the W2 and W4 provide the option to remove the seats to convert the wagon into a travel crib or bassinet. This wagon does have a sun canopy, a zipper door, and collapses to stand on its own.

The Numbers: 

This stroller can carry up to 300 lbs! It is a great option if you have got bigger kids that still want a ride sometimes. 

4: Wonderfold Wagon Model X4

Best Stroller Wagons

For families with multiples that need a solid, durable stroller wagon, this is a great option. It seats 4, each with their own harness, along the bottom of the wagon. This gives you storage in the middle, but also the option to use the seats for storage if everyone is out playing or walking independently. The heavy-duty front wheels make for a smooth ride! The simplicity of this model, removing the 4-in-1 component, provides a utilitarian stroller wagon that’s still great for travel, especially with small children. 

Features include a telescoping pull handle, adjustable push handle, sun canopy, and one step center-pull folding. There is also a rear storage basket and storage cover. Keep in mind, this stroller does stand on its own when collapsed.

The Numbers: 

The wagon has a maximum weight capacity of 180 lbs, with each seat having a weight limit of 45 lbs.

5:  Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

Best Stroller Wagons

Evenflo delivers a stroller wagon for those that want the look of a stroller with the functionality of a wagon. This two-seat stroller wagon has two individual adjustable canopies. This gives it a bit more of that stroller look.  The canopies collapse flat along the edge of the wagon, as well, so riders can look out and explore from their seats. 

The adjustable handle allows you to push like a stroller or pull like a wagon. There is a storage basket on the outside for smaller items and inner storage between the riders. Another accessory is the inner tray, which sits between the two seats for space to keep snacks and drinks, much like a stroller tray.

The Numbers: 

Both seats have a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds.

6: Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon

Best Stroller Wagons

This Jeep wagon is unique because it comes with a car seat adapter. This wagon gives you three different functionalities; car seat mode where you can clip in your infant car seat, stroller mode with 2 five-point safety harness seats, and wagon mode for hauling gear. It can adapt to your needs which means you’ll get more years out of this stroller wagon. It can even be used as a wagon well after your children have outgrown it.

There is a removable UV blocking canopy with roll-down side panels to help keep riders cool and protected. The wagon folds easy and can also be locked into place for quick storage. There are two handlebars, one on each end, for easy push or pull from either side of the wagon.

The Numbers: 

Each seat can hold a maximum of 55 lbs, with a total wagon capacity of 110 lbs.

7: Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon PLUS

baby trend expedition

For families with kiddos looking for a roomier ride, this stroller wagon hybrid is a great option. The two seats each have a three-point harness and added padding for a cushioned and supportive seat. These seat cushions can also be transformed into a mat that lies down, making this kids wagon a great place for a nap.

The center space is great for an extra bag or you can use it with a dual tray as a place for snacks and drinks. Of course, to be one of the best there has to be an awesome wagon canopy. The central canopy on this wagon provides shade and an exterior storage basket is perfect for extra gear. There is a rear handle for pushing and a collapsing wagon handle for pulling. 

The Numbers: 

Each seat can support up to 50 pounds, with a total wagon maximum weight capacity of 110 lbs.

8: Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon

radio flyer

Many people immediately picture a little red wagon when they hear “wagon”, so Radio Flyer has delivered a fun portable option that captures the fun of their traditional product. The 3-in-1 stroller wagon has two belted seats on either end of the wagon with plenty of cargo space in between. This wagon also turns into a bench seat with a zip downside, which gives kids a place to sit while traveling. The simple padded seats and belt also make it easy to use this wagon as a cargo wagon, giving you three ways to use one product.

The wagon does fold up compactly for easy storage and has telescoping canopy poles for adding the overhead canopy. There is one central handle for pulling the wagon, but the addition of the seats and belts gives this wagon a stroller functionality too.

The Numbers: 

This wagon’s weight capacity is 150 lbs. The ideal age for this wagon is 18 months to 5 years.

9: Hauck Eco Wagon

stroller wagon hybrid

If you’re looking for a stroller wagon that breaks down completely and can be used as a traditional wagon as well, this is a great option. The Eco Wagon can carry two children and has a simple arched canopy that is fully removable. The simple metal frame has a padded cover that is removable and washable. This wagon does not fold and collapse, but the entire frame can come apart for seasonal storage.

This is a great wagon for families that need something at a sports field, the beach, or anywhere they need to bring gear at first but will be staying for a while. The bottom is flat and padded which is perfect for toddler naps and the storage space is ideal for coolers, sports equipment, and toys in addition to baby gear and children.

The Numbers: 

The wagon itself can carry 110 lbs and offers a simple wagon pull handle.

10: Little Tikes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon

little tikes wagon

Another classic when it comes to kid’s equipment is Little Tikes, which offers their own take on a stroller wagon. This is a hard plastic wagon that converts from a wagon to a bench. One side of the wagon flips back to become a bench back. The wagon has a standard wagon pull with a larger umbrella style canopy that can be removed.

Built-in cup holders make it easy to keep drinks upright and an attachable cooler can store snacks and drinks. The wagon handle does flip and store under the wagon for easy transport, and the sides are removable to allow you to use the wagon for yard work and other home projects.

The Numbers: 

This wagon’s weight limit is 250 lbs. 

Stroller wagons are great for families with multiple kids and for those looking for a travel option to satisfy both stroller and storage needs. Stroller wagons are popular because you can get years of use out of them especially with multiple growing children. Having a wagon is helpful for any family trip and knowing it can replace your stroller while you’re away is an amazing reason.

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