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10 Big Time Savers For Moms

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10 Big Time Savers for Working – Homeschooling – Online Schooling Moms

By trying these life hacks you can give yourself a few extra hours a day and less stress.


Hey Mama’s, I’m a single, well actually solo parent of two kids and I work full time in a high-stress career where burnout is a real thing. It seems like working moms are bearing the brunt of this pandemic. As if we didn’t already have an overextended demand on us juggling work, childcare, and households. A lot of moms ask me how I do it all alone and stay sane and to be honest, I don’t know. I just keep in a constant state of survival mode which I’m sure has its consequences. But here are some life hacks I have figured out to give myself a few extra hours a day and less stress that I hope can help you mama’s too!


  1. I always wake up an hour before my kids, pretty much as the sun rises. I need this alone and quiet time to meditate, relax, sip coffee, and plan my day. This is a time when no one is asking me for things, which is a nice mental break. I wish I could say I work out during this time, it’s still on my list of self-care items I somehow don’t make the time for myself. Instead, I caffeinate on an immune-supportive coffee to tackle the day. But this would be an opportune time to get in a workout or yoga! I also have an afternoon cup of green tea to help deal with the afternoon slump and the day’s stress.
  2. I’m a big list person, I write everything down that I want to accomplish for the day. Work and personal life. That way I stay focused and on task. I plan out my remote workday, meetings, calls, projects, deadlines, etc. I have a 9-5pm job and I sit in my office the majority of the day. I plan how my kids will homeschool that day, check their schedules, make sure they are aware of their zoom calls and lessons to complete. One of my kids has special educational needs which add another layer of complexity. But we have a system and do our best, that’s all you really can do.
  1. I only grocery shop once a week and I add things to my virtual shopping list through my Google home by voice during the week with things I will need. I use Instacart or the Target app to have everything ready for drive up, pick up, or delivery when possible. This also saves on my food budget because I do not impulse shop in the store. I also support small businesses online as well to spice up my recipes such as using Oomph and FreshZen Foods. When I want quick meals on the go I order online from Appleton’s market, another small business grateful for the support. A huge dinner time saver is I order once a month from Dream Dinners, they are healthy homemade dinners that you can pick up locally and my kids love it! I also support local farmers by picking up fresh produce at the farmer’s market every other week.
  2. Another time-saver is I have my fridge and pantry super organized with bins filled with quick to grab healthy snacks. Always have snacks, never let yourself or your kids get hangry. You can even use a labeler on the bins if you’d like to be extra organized.
  3. I give my kids chores to help with freeing up my time. My son puts away dishes and my daughter does the laundry. Rely on your kids helping as much as you can and this is a great way to teach them responsibility and teamwork. Contract out what you can too. If you can afford a cleaning service, do it. This doesn’t mean your kids don’t need to help out with chores. But I have a cleaning service and it helps tremendously. As well as a gardener and handyman! Find good people to help you out.
  4. Find sitters you depend on and drivers that can help too. We have a driver that we trust to help with rides to the airport and other trips. Being a solo parent you have to find help everywhere. Get a good network of friends and neighbors as well, lean on each other.
  5. I always send gifts and cards to friends and family using online services. I use Postable to send cards, they even look handwritten. I order from Wrappily for eco-friendly wrapping paper during the holidays, which are right around the corner, and another small business I support. I always ask for subscription boxes for my kid’s gifts, which can serve dual purpose as enjoyable homeschooling activities!
  6. This year because of Covid, we had to cancel our Hawaii vacation, a huge bummer. But I found this amazing Hawaiian online marketplace owned by female founders where you can order a piece of Hawaii right to your home. I ordered the Pakalana scent from Jules + Gem, and now my home smells like Hawaii, instant stress relief. If we are stuck indoors this year might as well make the most of it.
  7. I pay all my bills once a month online. All my banking is done online, this is a huge time saver.
  8. Another time-saver is ordering clothing online and creating clothing bundles. Especially for your kid’s closets. If everything is bundled together in an easy to find outfit even down to the socks, it will make your life easier. Feel free to Marie Kondo those folds or actually teach your kids to fold this way.


By trying these simple life hacks how much time do you think you could save? I hope these tips create more time in your day to spend with your family or self-care. I personally spend less time driving and I’m more efficient with my hours. I also feel good supporting small businesses during a time when they need us the most.

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