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10 Brands that Make Life a Little Easier for Moms & Moms to Be! New 2020

Eluxury Crib Pad

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Life as a mom is filled with an endless list of things to do and worry about. From pregnancy through, well pretty much through the rest of time, there is something to do or worry about. We found these 10 brands that make life a little bit easier, a little less worrisome and overall just great for moms and moms to be. 

Make Bedtime a Little Better!

All moms-to-be need sleep, so being comfortable is of the utmost importance. The eLuxury line of mattress pads can keep mom comfortable and, when the baby arrives, they even have the same version of Mom’s mattress pad for the little one.

Eluxury Crib Pad

The mattress pads are designed with double-needle baffle box stitching that prevents fill from shifting or moving around, so the mattress pad stays consistently comfortable. In addition, they are made with a Hypoallergenic Fiber to help prevent those pesky allergies. eLuxury has sold over 1 million mattress pads and is made in the good ole USA. They have seven different styles! You can check them out here.

Easy Travel Snack Time Solution

10 brands for moms

Traveling with tiny humans is definitely no walk in the park. Dare-U-Go! created a 5-in-1 solution that simplifies feeding your little ones on-the-go. Designed with travel in mind, Dare-U-Go! folds into a food storage unit that seals airtight.

Dare U Go

It not only catches food, the bib keeps clothes clean, it is easy to wipe down and with built-in dividers, food doesn’t touch! A spork is also included. Dare-U-Go! is Microwave and Dishwasher safe. All One-Piece! Say Good-bye to the extra laundry & dishes! Check it out here!

A Rug that can handle kids…and pets too

In our household, we’ve lost a few good rugs to some unfortunate incidents courtesy of our little ones. Ruggable rugs helps prevent that pain as they are designed with moms (and pet moms) in mind.


These innovative, 2-piece rug systems feature a non-slip rug pad and a stain-resistant rug cover, which you can easily spot-clean, change, or wash in your washing machine, allowing it to stay fresh and free from allergens, spills, muddy paw prints, crayon marks, and even the occasional accidents.

And because these rugs are lightweight and come in a variety of designs and colors””they’re the perfect way to brighten up any room in time for summer! Check out their Best Selling Rugs 

Car Safety While Pregnant!

TummyShield-inusetwins (1)

I remember how stressed out I was driving when I was pregnant. My giant belly so close to the steering wheel, I would drive so slow in fear of getting in an accident. Finally, there is a More Comfortable & Safer Driving Solution During Pregnancy with Tummy Shield. This is a Vital Safety Product for your Maternity List.


The Tummy Shield makes driving comfortable and safe again for pregnant moms.

The safest choice and only crash-tested solution in increase seat belt safety. Using crash worthy materials, Tummy Shield safely redirects the seat belt away from the pregnant belly. Visit for more details

Reduce Baby’s Diaper Rash in Just ONE Use!

Did you know introducing solid foods can increase diaper rash? The enzymes needed to break down solid foods during digestion get passed into baby’s stool, which, when in contact with baby’s skin, can also break down and become irritated. This can lead to an increase in diaper rash.

Balmex Complete Protection Diaper Rash Cream combines effective diaper rash ingredients with natural evening primrose, which has been shown in tests to inhibit the enzymes from irritating baby’s bottom, so it can both prevent and treat diaper rash. In fact, Balmex has been clinically proven to reduce diaper rash in just ONE use. Yes, that is right, one use!  Find a retailer near you today.


Best Product to Help You Get Pregnant 

Peeing on a stick to predict ovulation is so last year! The Ava bracelet, worn while you sleep, detects your five most fertile days””not after they’ve passed, but as they’re happening. The device tracks five physiological parameters, including temperature, pulse and breathing rate to zero-in on your fertile window, all while tracking your menstrual cycle, stress levels and sleep through an easy-to-use app.

They just released Ava 2.0. This band is the improved version of their clinically proven fertility tracking bracelet. It comes with an optimized sensor pod for better comfort and a vibrating alarm.  You can learn more about Ava Women Fertility Tracker here!

The Best Baby Brand for style, value and comfort!


    1. I have been a fan of Carter’s from my first kid through my 5th child. Their clothes are always stylish and comfortable for the baby. Carter’s has everything you need for fun in the sun this summer with 100s of sunshiney styles at awesome prices. Carter’s offers all your wardrobe essentials from bodysuits to summer collections and accessories. Check out this season’s collection here!

Best Brand to Save Mama’s Back!

Us mama’s all know too well the feeling of that sore lower back after a long day of holding a fussy baby. TushBaby is a high quality, safety-certified baby hip seat that alleviates pressure from your back, hips and arms by supporting your child. Even if you have a toddler who loves to be held, TushBaby can support a child up to 44lbs. 


Designed to make your life easier, with TushBaby, you can do errands in a snap and travel with ease. It even has a handy dandy little mesh cell phone pocket so that you can grab your phone whenever needed.  If you use code: musthave15 you will save 15% off your TushBaby purchase at

The Best Brand to get Mom back to Pre-pregnancy Shape

Getting back into pre-pregnancy shape is never easy and I am firmly for anything that can help. Gabrialla is the most complete Maternity, Postpartum & Shapewear Collection in the US. Not only does it help your body return back into pre-pregnancy shape sooner, but it’s Medically correct designs help prevent lower back pain, stretch marks, and improve figure and posture.


They use Natural and breathable materials (Milk Protein Fiber & Cotton) which is perfect for those hot summer months. Check out their summer collection here!

The Best Service I wish I knew about a long time ago

I have always tried to take care of my skin. That being said, I have gone through countless bottles of wasted skincare products because they just did not work with my skin. Beauty By Design is the first skincare company providing advanced formulas with unlimited guidance from your own personal Esthetician.

The esthetician will match you to one of 5,000+ possible regimens. You can get cleansers starting at $25. Serums & Treatments starting at $30. Moisturizers starting at $30. Check out all the details here!


Overall, us moms need all the support we can get to get through this whole raising tiny humans thing. Sometimes it comes from friends and family with tips and advice or just watching your little one when you need a break. And sometimes there are some great products and services that just make life so much easier. Grab one of these items for yourself mamas, you deserve it!


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