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10 Costume Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween New 2020

10 Costume Ideas for Baby’s First Halloween

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There is nothing cuter than a little baby in their first Halloween costumer. My first baby was only a couple days old on Halloween and I had been planning his giraffe costume for as long as I could do the math. I know some of you are probably in that boat now, so below are a couple of absolutely adorable ideas. We made sure to include options for both the crafty mamas and the mamas just looking to order something!

Baby’s First Halloween Costume Ideas

Photo Credit: Sweetpeahatsandmore

1. Baby Yoda

If your baby is very very young on their first Halloween, they may already resemble Yoda a little (even if you don’t want to say it out loud!). A Yoda hat like the one above can be the starting point for a Star Wars-themed costume. Wrap baby in a cream-colored blanket and tie with a belt to give him a Jedi robe.

2. Fried Egg Halloween Costume

Fried egg costume and 9 other Halloween costumes for babies

Use a plain, white sleeper or onesie and attach a piece of yellow felt cut into a circle for the yolk. You can sub the onesie for a blanket and drape it over your baby when she’s sleeping in the car seat, also.

3. Sports Ball

Sporty basketball + 9 other ideas for baby's first Halloween

Start with a plain snapsuit and use sticky-back felt to add stitching or lines as needed for a basketball or football. You can use a white bodysuit and red sharpie (or felt if you’re fancy), to add baseball stitching.

4. Baby Pumpkin & Other Swaddle Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

Photo Credit: SmallThingsLikeThis

An easy idea for your baby’s first Halloween is to get a swaddle blanket that doubles as a costume. There are a lot of options like a mermaid, burrito, or pumpkin.

5. Pig in a blanket

Piglet hat and 9 other Halloween costume ideas for babies

Get it? A costume – and a pun! Ok, you get it. Pair hat above with white or pink jammies. Wrap in a blanket. Done.

6. Baby Avocado

babys first halloween costume

Do you know what is better than avocado toast? An avocado baby! This costume is not only adorable, but it would be easy to add layers underneath for warmth.

7. Hedgehog

I absolutely adore this cozy little hedgehog costume. Mom & dad can easily dress up with a woodland theme to match. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it comes in at a very reasonable price of $20.

8. Bottle

Baby Bottle costume and 9 other Halloween costume ideas for babies

Easier to dress as a bottle than a boob (though the hat could work for either), wouldn’t you say? via Buzzfeed. Make ounce lines on a white outfit and top it off with a white or beige newborn cap, left unknotted.

8. Cowboy

Newborn cowboy pajamas & 9 other ideas for baby's first Halloween

Here’s a cute cowboy get-up from Sozo, and a whole bunch more jammies that double as costumes. They are perfect for a newborn baby’s first Halloween.

10. Just Add a Silly Blanket for Baby’s First Halloween

Car seat baby costumes and 9 other Halloween costumes for babies

I am in love with this array of car seat “costumes” with peek-a-boo face holes. If you have a crafty grandma within reach, I always encourage you to show them a photo and ask if they can make something like this. However, you can also purchase this monster car seat costume from Etsy!

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