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10 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers and Owners ”

If you have a dog lover or owner in your life, you might want to get them a gift that they will love above all of the other gifts. Getting them something that they can use with their pet, or to remember their pet, will make you their favorite person in the world when they unwrap the gift. Here are ten gift ideas for your dog-loving friend.

Pawprint keepsake

Have you ever seen those decorative keepsakes that parents have of their child’s hand or foot when they were a baby? You can get those DIY keepsake makers but for pets. By gifting this to your friend, they will be able to mold the paw of their pet and keep it with them forever.

A book that talks about dogs

An informational book about dogs and their personalities will definitely come in handy if your friend loves pups. You can get them a book that talks about everything from Husky puppy years to French Bulldog personality.

Dog bingo

It’s bingo but with dogs. If your friend loves board games and they love their dog, you should consider getting them a set of dog bingo. You will have something fun to play when you hang out, and your friend will have something they will get use out of that reminds them of their dog.

A doggy doormat

It might seem like a cliche gift, but get them a doormat that has a simple dog phrase on it. Whether it just says “Welcome” with paw prints, or “Wipe your paws” with dirt tracks all over it, it is a gift that your friend will appreciate and it will be used often.

A cookie-cutter

If your friend loves baking just as much as they love their dogs, you can get them a cookie-cutter. This way, you get to give your friend a practical gift that helps them when they bake, and you might get some puppy shaped cookies in a few weeks as a thank you gift.

A DNA kit for their dog

If your friend adopted their dog, they might not know their pet’s history. You can easily answer any questions that your friend might have by getting them a DNA kit for their dog. These kits are very interesting and will tell the owner what breeds the dog is, and if there are any health issues the owner should be worried about. Very practical and useful for pound adopted or found stray dog owners.

A fancy dog gate

This can mean two things: You can get them a new dog gate that is fancier than the one they currently own. Or you can get them a gate that has a picture of a dog on it. The picture is something a lot like a glass art piece. The only difference between this gate with a picture and an actual glass art piece is that it is safe and almost unbreakable around animals.

A calendar

Everyone needs a calendar. You can make your friend’s year a lot better by gifting them a calendar full of adorable puppies and dogs. You can choose to buy a 12-month calendar, or make their day every day with a 365-day calendar full of puppy pictures.

A photo album

You can put the album together yourself and gift it to them as a surprise if your friend has owned the dog for a few years and you have enough pictures to work with. But if your friend just recently adopted the pup, you can give them the blank book and let them fill it up as the puppy grows older. This is a great gift that your friend will always be able to look back on.

A tote

If your friend has a lot to carry, or if they travel a lot, you can get them a tote with a puppy picture on it. These can be bought almost anywhere. If you want to make the gift a little bit more personal, you can get your friend a personalized tote with a picture of their dog on it. It costs a bit more to make the tote personal, but it is completely worth it.

These are the best gifts that you can get for your friend who either owns a dog or just loves dogs in general.

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10 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers and Owners

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