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10 Month Old Baby Development New 2020

10 Month Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Your Baby’s Growing Curiosity

Your baby has always been a bit of a scientist, eager to discover how the world around him works. Now at 10 months, his physical skills are catching up with his desire to experiment. He has the hand-eye coordination to put blocks into a bin, then dump them out again, or to stack a few multi-color rings on a post. He can pick up a ball and might even make an attempt to toss it, or he can use his pincer grasp and impressive visual acumen to grab and examine a minuscule crumb. Now that he’s able to get himself where he wants to go, either by crawling, cruising, or walking, he can check out almost anything he wants to — such as the pots and pans in the kitchen cupboards or the bottles under the sink. As long as you’ve babyproofed, make your best effort to let him have the run of the house. Feeling, tasting, and dumping out what he’s collected are how he discovers important scientific principles, such as the power of gravity. He’ll also learn by watching and imitating you. In what could be seen as some of the first signs of pretend play, he’ll pick up a cloth and try to dust the furniture, or hold a phone to his ear and gab into it. You might be amazed by just how many details he’s noticed about your life.

Just as he imitates what you do, he might also start to imitate how you communicate, blurting out exclamations like “Uh-oh!” or shaking his head no, for instance. If you haven’t heard his first word already, you probably will within the next few months. Prep for it by talking directly to your baby, naming the things that interest him, and using his name in conversation — it’ll keep his attention.

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