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11 Unique Baby Shower Party Favors That Your Guests Will Adore

11 Unique Baby Shower Party Favors That Your Guests Will Adore

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11 Unique Baby Shower Party Favors That Your Guests Will Adore ”

Planning a baby shower is a lot of work. From organizing the guest list and choosing a venue to deciding food and drink menus or activities, you must feel exhausted. But, before going into rest mode, don’t forget one very important surprise.

The baby shower party favors! The best party favors are not only a token of gratitude but can make a lasting and memorable impression on your guests. For years to come, invitees will treasure these favors as keepsakes celebrate the birth of a special baby.

But what are the best baby shower party favor ideas? How can you creatively and easily impress your guests? Read on to discover 11 favor ideas you’ll love. 

1. Baked Goods 

Decadent cookies, cakes, or cupcakes are always a hit at baby showers. While you may plan to serve dessert at the event, package something delicious for guests to take home as favors.

Create personalized cookies or miniature cakes with a local bakery. Or, for a more cost-effective approach, bake treats like these chocolate chip cookies

2. Koozies 

Koozies are useful, fun, and practical! With the summer season upon us, gift your guests a personalized or colorful koozie they can take to the beach or pool. These baby shower koozie ideas are a great start to designing custom favors. 

3. Beach Towels 

Still in the summer spirit? Beach towels are the types of favors for a baby shower that everyone can use and enjoy. Personalize towels with the date of the shower or just have fun with bold and vibrant prints. 

4. Canvas Tote Bags 

Canvas tote bags are affordable shower gifts that look luxe. Guests can even use the bags at the event to carry home sweets or centerpieces. 

5. Candles 

How to throw a baby shower no one will forget? Have a signature scent! Candles set the scene for the event and make great party favors. 

6. Local Food Items 

Gift your guest’s local food items from your area. Some ideas include artisan honey jars, locally made jams, or chocolates. 

7. Photo Frames 

Photo frames can double as baby shower place settings and party favors. Simply slip your guest’s name inside the frame for a thoughtful and personalized gift. 

8. Coffee Mugs 

Personalize coffee mug favors with the baby shower event details or baby’s name. Or, choose elegant ceramic or hand-painted styles.  

9. Bath Sets 

A bath set is a thoughtful and luxurious gift. Bundle bath baskets to include things like loofas, salt scrubs, or face masks. 

10. Throw Blankets 

If you’re hosting an outdoor baby shower during the cooler months, a throw blanket is a practical and cozy gift. Try embroidering event details for an extra special touch. 

11. Hand Sanitizers 

Hand sanitizers are inexpensive gifts you know everyone will use. Try including cute hand sanitizer bag clips or individual pouches to wrap each bottle.  

These Baby Shower Party Favors Are Sure To Impress Your Guests 

How to throw a party shower your guests will love and remember for years to come? Follow this guide to select thoughtful and creative baby shower party favors.

These ideas are guaranteed to supply practical, cute, and fun gifts your guests will want to use. If you found this article interesting, then check out our other parenting stories.

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11 Unique Baby Shower Party Favors That Your Guests Will Adore

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