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12 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

12 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Bigger Baby Belly = More Sleep For Mama

The milestone you’ve been waiting for: At 3 months old, your baby’s tummy is finally big enough to store enough food to get him through five (or more!) hours without snacking. That means that one of these days your baby could start sleeping through the night — or at least give you enough of an uninterrupted stretch of Zs that you feel less zombie, more human. But if you’ve still got a night owl, help him get there with these sleep-promoting steps:

  • Make sure he’s not napping too often during the day or for more than three hours at a time since it might prevent him from conking out at night.
  • Try giving him a bit more to eat right before bed. 
  • Don’t dash into the nursery the second you hear him crying (and leave his diaper alone unless he pooped).

Letting your baby cry it out is easier said than done, but it’s all about helping him learn to nod back off on his own. And as long as you’re rushing in there to pick him up, he’ll count on you to do so. Let him go for a little while — at least five or ten minutes — to see if he can drift back off before you offer up some Mommy or Daddy comfort.

By this week your baby can probably lift his head up 90 degrees when he’s on his belly. He’s also getting good at remembering things. He’ll smile when you walk into the room — a clear sign of recognition — and he loves repetition, such as listening to the same books over and over or following the same daily sleep-play-eat routine. This actually helps boost memory and brain function, so keep it up!

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