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13 Month Old Child Development New 2020

13 Month Old Child Development

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Your New Sex Life

Has your sex life all but disappeared since your baby was born? A loss of intimacy for parents of little ones is not uncommon, but if your libido still hasn’t rebounded since childbirth, you might be wondering: How do I get it back?

Communication is key in regaining an active, healthy sex life. Begin by discussing your fears, concerns, and feelings to your husband — and listen as he tells you what’s on his mind too.

Next, don’t be embarrassed to relay your concerns to your physician; she might offer suggestions to make sex more appealing — and comfortable — for you. And unless you’re ready to add another baby to your household, talk to your doctor or midwife about contraception. Using a method of birth control you’re comfortable with — and trust — allows you to put a potential pregnancy out of your mind and relax during intimacy.

If you’re just too tired at night for romance, switch things up! Sex can be fun at different times of the day — maybe over your partner’s lunch hour, at your child’s naptime, or even in the morning. Schedule an occasional date night to enjoy time alone (even if it’s take-out and a movie at home).

Not feeling attractive? Exercise will help you feel better about your body, relieve stress, and boost your mood. After a workout, bathe, do your hair, and don’t dare put those flannel pajamas back on! A fresh haircut, manicure, new blouse, or even a long, hot shower can do wonders for a woman’s self-image.

Perhaps most importantly, remember that sex is not just about the act itself, but also about intimacy and spending time with your sweetie. You and your husband are more than just parents — you’re a couple too, and you need to nurture your relationship.

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