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14 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

14 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Keeping Baby Happy

Until now, your baby hasn’t been able to grasp the difference between pictures of things and the real deal. So he might have reacted with the same interest to a photograph of you and your actual smiling face. By this week, the difference is starting to click, and you might notice that he responds more effusively, with smiles and coos, to seeing another baby in the flesh than he does when he eyes a photo of one in a book. His sense of self is also developing, and he probably adores looking into a mirror — although at this age, he probably doesn’t know he’s seeing himself. He just enjoys admiring that handsome guy who’s so quick to smile back.

Another happy change: Your baby starts to see the world in full color around 14 weeks. He can make out subtler hues that he had trouble distinguishing before, although infants this age still tend to prefer bright primary colors such as red and blue. No wonder he always seems to be looking around with awed amazement — imagine how new and vibrant his world must suddenly seem.

This week your baby probably loves listening to music — and now that he’s becoming more engaged and engaging, he has more ways to demo how much he enjoys it: bopping to something upbeat, or calming down when you sing a soothing lullaby, for example. For some babies it’s a surefire way to stop a crying jag in its tracks, so try putting on some Michael Jackson the next time your little one starts to wail.

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