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15 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

15 Week Old Baby Development

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4-Month Doctor Visit

It’s time for baby’s 4-month well visit soon. Your doctor will examine the usual stuff — height, weight, head circumference, heart rate, skin, and genitals — and also assess your baby’s strength and motor-skill development. You’ll talk about his sleeping and eating habits and she’ll give you tips on introducing solids, which will happen sometime in the next two months. Don’t forget your list of questions — start jotting them down now.

Teething Time

Speaking of questions, here’s one you might have right about now: Why is my baby drooling so much? Between 3 and 6 months drooling tends to peak. In part that’s due to teething; most babies cut their first tooth between 4 and 7 months. But you can also blame it on immature mouth muscles. Infants don’t have the same control over their lips and tongue that adults do, which leaves them acting like you do after a numbing shot of novocaine at the dentist. Invest in a supply of bibs, which will help sop up the wetness and save you from changing his shirt nine times a day. Occasionally, the constant dampness might cause a rash on his face, but dabbing the irritated area with lotion or petroleum jelly, which acts as barrier against the saliva, should help.

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