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17 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

17 Week Old Baby Development

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Teething Must-Knows

Though the norm for first teeth is around 6 months, some babies begin teething as early as 4 months (or as late as 12 months). The telltale signs: drooling a lot, acting fussy for no discernible reason, gums that look red and/or feel hot, and possibly a mild fever.

Teething doesn’t faze some babies, but for many it can be uncomfortable enough to make them miserable, and worse, keep them up at night. To ease the pain, give Baby chewable teething toys such as plastic rings or a wet, chilled washcloth to gum during the day; the pressure and cold can be soothing. Your pediatrician might also recommend giving her a pain reliever, such as infant acetaminophen, at night to help her sleep more soundly, or applying a numbing medicine such as baby benzocaine to her gums.

Sometimes teething symptoms can mimic those of an ear infection. If she has a fever, seems fussy, and tugs at her ears, it might be the latter. Or it just might be run-of-the-mill fussiness. New parents are quick to blame teething for whatever ails their baby, but sometimes your little one is just plain cranky. Either way, the best option will be to offer plenty of cuddles and wait it out together.

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