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18 Month Old Child Development New 2020

18 Month Old Child Development

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Moms Need to Sleep Too!

Is a good night of sleep eluding you? Sleep deprivation isn’t just for parents of newborns; many women find themselves caught in a cycle of restless nights and hazy days. Inadequate sleep not only makes us tired (and sometimes cranky!) but can lead to impatience, poor decision-making, even depression and illness. What’s an exhausted mom to do?

Start by taking a look at your nighttime habits. When your toddler is rubbing her eyes, you give her a warm bath, dress her in comfy pajamas, and read her a story before tucking her in with a good-night kiss. Moms know that consistent bedtime routines are super helpful in getting kids to sleep. Now consider that using external cues can also help you get more, better quality Zs.

Determine what bedtime works best for you and give yourself a chance to unwind. Watching TV, surfing the Web, drinking coffee or alcohol, or getting in a late workout all prohibit restful sleep. Instead, try sipping a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea, reading a book, listening to music, praying, or meditating. If you find your mind whirling with thoughts, jot them down in a journal so you won’t worry about forgetting something important.

Check your surroundings: Is your bedroom clean and inviting? Is the temperature cool enough? Is your bed comfortable? Think about what calms you and add these elements to your sleeping area.

Lastly, make the most of your time. When your baby was born, you likely heard the old adage “sleep while the baby sleeps,” and that still holds true today if you’re wiped out from inadequate rest. Go ahead and indulge in a daytime nap while your little one is in her crib. If you’re not well, get a friend to watch your child while you catch a much-needed snooze.

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