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18 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

18 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Your On-the-Move Baby

Your baby should be rolling over any day now, if he hasn’t started already. But before he surprises you by flipping himself off the changing table, remember to keep a constant eye — and a steadying hand — on him, especially when he’s anywhere he could fall. Never leave your baby on a changing table or put him down for a nap on your bed or the couch. And don’t put him in his car seat on top of the kitchen table while you get ready to head out. He’s squirmy enough these days that he could wriggle himself, seat and all, right to the table’s edge.

Should your ever-more-mobile baby manage to launch out of your arms or roll off the couch, don’t panic. As scary as this is, it happens a lot, and most babies are 100-percent fine afterward. But if your baby is limp, unresponsive, or inconsolable afterward, or just not acting like himself, get medical attention right away.

If you haven’t baby-proofed yet, remove any potentially breakable or dangerous objects he could get his hands on and install outlet covers. Your baby will be getting around before you know it.

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