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19 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

19 Week Old Baby Development

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Baby’s Changing Sleep Patterns

Ideally, your baby is sleeping through the night by now — and ideally, we’d also have world peace. Neither seems to be happening on quite the schedule we’d like. If your little one still wakes up one or more times a night, you might consider just letting him cry through it. The rationale is that all babies wake up several times during the night, but the difference between those who wail and those who simply drift back off to sleep is that the latter group has learned how to self-soothe rather than rely on you for comfort.

To make it work, pick a week when both you and your husband will be around; you’ll need the extra hands on deck. At bedtime, go through your normal routine, including a warm bath and a few books. Once your little one seems drowsy but before he nods off, put him down in his crib. The clincher to the cry-it-out method is getting your baby accustomed to falling asleep on his own, instead of relying on being rocked, held, or fed to sleep (because he’ll demand a repeat of that scenario in the middle of the night, and you’ll have to get involved). He’ll probably cry, and if it goes on for more than 10 minutes you might want to make a quick guest appearance, just to reassure him that you’re still around. But don’t pick him up, or you’ll have to start the cycle all over.

It takes a certain amount of fortitude, since it’s not easy listening to him sob, but you might be surprised to see the crying diminish each night. Within three days or a week, you should wake up at 7 a.m. totally amazed — and totally refreshed.

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