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2 Month Old Baby Development New 2020

2 Month Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Milestone Watch

As he approaches 3 months old, your baby might hit a few new physical milestones, such as lifting his head 90 degrees while he’s on his stomach (thank you, tummy time), rolling over to one side, and turning his head to follow a moving object — or you strolling past. He’ll also hit some of his happiest milestones to date, such as laughing out loud, squealing happily, clapping his hands together, and smiling at you. Suddenly you have an appreciative audience for all your new-mom antics, which makes it that much easier to flash funny faces and babble in baby talk.

Changing Sleep Patterns

You’ll also notice that your baby’s sleep schedule will start to consolidate; instead of mini catnaps every 45 minutes, he’ll start taking three longer naps a day, and he might even sleep for longer stretches at night. Keep him on track not by watching the clock but by following a basic routine each day: when he wakes up, feed him, play with him, then put him back down for a nap after two hours or so. Pay attention and you’ll start to see signs that he’s in need of some rest time — he’ll yawn, rub his eyes, or look away when you try to grab his attention — so you’ll know to put him in his crib before he hits the meltdown stage. With a daytime schedule in place, nights might go more smoothly, as well. If your little one’s still up every few hours, try letting him fuss it out for a few minutes before you duck in to the nursery for a feeding. Teaching your 3-month-old to soothe himself will pay dividends when he learns how to fall back to sleep on his own.

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