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20 Super Flexible Stay at Home Mom Jobs for 2020! New 2020

20 Super Flexible Stay at Home Mom Jobs for 2020!

Every year we update our list of Stay at Home Jobs for moms. Why? Because there are so many challenges that come with being a new mom. Maybe you are switching from work life to mom life. You might even be switching from two incomes to one income. Oh, and there is this whole new person who has now entered your life. Thus, our list of flexible stay at home mom jobs.

I’ll acknowledge that for some women, none of these jobs will be a fit. However, if you are looking for some opportunities to leverage technology and earn a little money from home while watching a baby, then this article is for you. Nowadays, there are so many virtual jobs, it is the best time for a mom to find a side hustle to make a little extra income.

20 Super Flexible Stay at Home Mom Jobs for 2020!

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I’m a total believer in outsourcing childcare while working, for the record. Hence, my children are at camp as I type this. However, I totally resonate with moms who seek stay-at-home jobs they can do during naptime, or after bedtime, and flexible work does exist. Some jobs can even be done while pushing a stroller. Seriously.

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  • Rent baby gear to traveling families- The Perfect Job for Stay at Homes Moms with Extra Baby Gear is a great stay at home mom job as it connects traveling families with family-friendly people at their vacation destination who rent, deliver, and set up baby gear to their hotel or vacation rental. Easily create your rental website and select the gear you want to rent, your rental prices, delivery areas and fees. Fun and rewarding work. Head of Community for the company, Trish McDermott, tells us moms can make about $1,000/month while delighting traveling families as a BabyQuip Trusted Partner.

baby quip

Part of motherhood often involves visiting the grocery stores. While this is technically not a stay at home job, I found myself heading out to the grocery store twice a week. Instacart is a nice easy way to do a little extra shopping while making a nice little side hustle.  Check out more details here!

One of the best jobs for stay at home moms who love their four-legged friends. matches dog owners who need pet-sitting with pet lovers who want to help. Create your profile and set your prices. You must be in a city populated enough to find business, but the potential to earn hundreds of dollars per month is there. (Heather in Seattle nets $500 to $1000 per month this way.)

stay at home job dog walking

  • Work from Home Opportunities 

Customer Service positions for Amazon are open. Visit their jobs website and select Work From Home in the location pull-down menu to get the job descriptions. Talk about a sweet job at home! Plus, many of them have incredibly flexible hours which is what moms need.stay at home jobs

  • Flip Items from Thrift Store and Flea Markets- For the Crafty Moms! 

If you are a master bargain hunter, flipping items from thrift stores or a flea market is a great way to earn a little cash. You can buy cool items at low prices and then paint, stain, or fix them up and sell them on sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. This may not be the most lucrative gig, but it’s a wonderful creative outlet. 

  • Running Errands and Other Odd Jobs

Users of post any task they need help with, ranging from data entry to delivering balloons from a shop to a home. TaskRabbits bid for the jobs and get paid upon completion. I have hired a “Rabbit” to deliver a truck full of diapers to a charity event. My friend Lynn hired a tech-savvy Rabbit to create a themed playlist for a baby shower. If you can handle doing someone’s grocery shopping while you do your own, this could be for you.

  • Childcare Provider- The Perfect Stay at Home Mom Job for Women Who Love Children 

While this isn’t a super flexible SAHM job it can be a very lucrative one. While babysitting other children, you can earn around $28,000 to $52,000. You are already watching your own kiddos, might as well add a few (I guess easier said than done). You must meet state licensing laws to open a center. It’s a fantastic option for a stay at home mom job because you keep your children with you and they make friends and you also get to meet new moms.

Stay at home jobs for mom

  • Promote & Sell your Skills on Fiverr 

Fiverr is an online community where people come for literally 1,000’s of types of jobs. If you can create a logo, write a blog post, do voiceover work, write a press copy, or pretty much anything, there is a job for it.  There are literally 1,000’s of opportunities to sell your talent!

  • NEW! Become a Virtual Assistant- The #1 Millenial Stay at Home Mom Job

Virtual assistants are in high demand these days as people are working more and more online, especially with social media. These tasks can range from something like scheduling pins on Pinterest to commenting on Instagram or even liking a bunch of posts. You can find a lot of jobs available on 

My friend Jenny tapped into a high-income community and used her teaching background to earn $40/hour helping with homework. The real money came when she bundled three kids together for group homework sessions, charging each family $25/hr. That’s $75 for an hour of work that can be done while your baby naps. Or, while you pay a teenager $10 to watch the baby in another room. This is one of those work at home jobs for moms that can be both financially beneficial and personally rewarding as you help children learn. 

You can also become an online tutor, check out listings on ZipRecruiter! 

Mom Job - Tutoring

This is a super flexible job! Big companies need real consumers to walk into a store and see how their product is displayed on the shelf. A couple of apps — Rewardable and Gigwalk — enable moms to complete those tasks for a few dollars. Yes, really! Set your expectations that it’s usually just a few dollars, but hey, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Or maybe you were going to Home Depot anyway, so snapping a picture of the Rustoleum display for $4 is no skin off your back. You will get paid via PayPal.

  • Office and Technical Work

Upwork is a marketplace for computer-driven work. If you’re a master of Photoshop, Powerpoint, data entry, or other office skills, you can pick up work as you have time. There are so many job opportunities and many are flexible positions in which the work can be done while you are available.

SAHM jobs

  • Not-so-Secret Shopper, aka Stylist

This is the perfect stay at home job for the fashionista mom. If you love fashion and love to pick out clothes for other people, StitchFix can use your talents. You’ll use an online system to create boxes for customers based on their fashion profiles.

Mom jobs

I have never been a sales type of person, however, I can tell my friends the things I love to shop for. Companies like Stella & Dot (which has such cute jewelry) enable women to get a business off the ground really fast. (Bonus: if you sign up with Stella & Dot with our link, you’ll get $350 in free accessories.) Do you want to be a Style Boss? Learn more.

  • Teaching Jobs (done via computer from home!)

Kobe Bryant-backed education company VIPKID gives people the opportunity to teach English online to students in China, on a flexible, part-time basis. This is a great job opportunity if you have your bachelor’s degree and any amount of teaching experience. Learn more here.

  • Write or Proofread for a Blog 

Many bloggers need other writers to help them out. Some pay per article and others will give you complimentary items or even trips. Once again, head to to start looking for freelance writing and proofreading opportunities.

Once you get comfortable writing for others, maybe you will even want to venture out and start a blog of your own! This can turn into an extremely lucrative stay at home mom job with dedication. 

  • NEW! Become a Travel Agent

If you are detail-oriented and love to travel (and have a lot of experience doing so!), becoming a travel agent who works from home could be a great option for you! You can start on your own or work for an agency. Either way, you will be planning out and making people’s dream vacations a reality!  

Nexion Travel Group is one company you could get started with!

If you are multilingual (proficient in speaking & writing), you can work remotely from home translating audio and written files. The amount you make will depend on the language skills needed and how long the document is, but the assignments typically have a fixed price. They can range anywhere from $15-$1000.

Indeed and Upwork are both great places to look for this work! 


You can turn your knack for baking or cooking in your very own kitchen into a profit. Start by getting your friends and neighbors hooked on your delicious treats, then start selling them for special occasions. You can also reserve a spot at your local farmer’s market, which is just a couple hours a week, and grow your clients from there. 

If you are on a special diet like keto or vegan and you’ve perfected some easy meals, you can sell weekly meal packages to people in your city. You will be investing in meal prep containers and your ingredients though, so make sure you have some clients first! 

I knew those teachers weren’t getting all that grading done on their own! Well, now you can be one of the people who helps them out with their grading. Companies like Write Score and Literably hire remote workers to help highlight student writing & reading errors. The companies have varying requirements, but are definitely worth checking out! 


Do you work from home as a mom? Let us know what your stay at home job is in the comments below!


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How can I make money as a stay at home mom?

There are several ways to make money online from home including
Renting out old baby supplies
Dog Walking
Secret Shopping
& Many More

What is the Best Job for Stay at Home Jobs

Over 20 Amazing Jobs for Stay at Home Moms
Online Teacher / Tutor
Graphic Designer
Running Errands
Marketing Specialist
Social Media Specialist
Travel Agent
Web Designer

Keyword: 20 Super Flexible Stay at Home Mom Jobs for 2020!

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