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22 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

22 Week Old Baby Development

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Baby Bonding Time

Your baby obviously loves to hang out with you — see how she smiles, giggles, and gurgles when you’re around? — and that may convince you that the best thing for your baby is your nonstop presence. Think again. Even the most adoring babies need a little alone time now and then, particularly after an extended bout of dancing or singing “Ring Around the Rosy” with you. All that constant stimulation and interaction can be overwhelming, so watch for clues that she needs a break, like looking away from you, bringing her hand up to her ear, arching her back, or stiffening her body. They’re your baby’s way of saying, it’s all too much. When that happens, put her down for a nap, or simply go for some mutual down time. Your baby can relax on a blanket and watch a ceiling fan go round, while you catch up on e-mails or the latest magazine.

Then there are the times when you’re the one in need of some quiet time. That’s precisely when a good bouncy seat, doorway jumper, swing, or highchair come in handy. With a favorite toy to clutch and gnaw, your baby will be safe and well entertained — and you’ll have ten minutes to take a mini-break during the day. No guilt required.

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