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23 Month Old Child Development New 2020

23 Month Old Child Development

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Tracking Growth & Tooth Care

As a baby, your child went through a rapid growth phase. While he is still developing his skills, his physical growth — including his height, weight, and head size — is finally slowing.

Your toddler’s pediatrician uses a chart to track your child’s growth. On it, she plots your youngster’s height and weight during his well visits, showing a curve of how your toddler is growing over time and in comparison to other kids his age. The doctor is looking for significant changes in the percentile rating to see if your child’s growth rate is consistent. Your tot’s upcoming 2-year appointment is a good time to ask questions about his growth.

Just as you faithfully take your toddler to his checkups with the doctor, you also need to make sure he’s seeing the dentist to keep his adorable smile healthy. The dentist will ask you what dental hygiene routine you follow with your tot. You should be using a soft, small toothbrush to gently clean your toddler’s teeth twice a day.

Once you’ve done a thorough job brushing, hand over the toothbrush to your child so he can begin taking responsibility for keeping his pearly whites healthy and clean. If he’s not interested, use your parenting ingenuity to make dental care more fun — let him pick out a brush he likes, sing a favorite song while he brushes, or brush your teeth at the same time and make faces at him in the mirror while you’re up to it!

Your toddler won’t need fluoridated toothpaste until he’s 2 (almost there!) and even then, he’ll need only a pea-size amount. Ask your child’s dentist about fluoride — which strengthens tooth enamel, making it more resistant to harmful acids and bacteria — and whether you need to be concerned about the amount your child is getting.

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