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24 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

24 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Decoding Baby’s Babble

Between 6 and 7 months, your baby should hit a major verbal milestone as his squeals, vowels, and growls — the cooing noises he’s been making for the past few months — turn into what’s known as “canonical babbling.”That means his vocalizations become more wordlike as he links consonants (such as d, b, and m) to vowel sounds and begins saying what sound like syllables. “Ah” might become “dada” — or more likely, “dadadadadada” — and suddenly you have a budding communicator on your hands. While Baby still doesn’t have a clue what he’s saying, he’s been paying attention to what passes for words in your shared language, and now he’s developmentally ready to imitate your speech patterns. He’ll soon start using combinations of sounds to indicate everyday objects: “ba ba” for “bottle,” “ni ni” for “blanket.” The more excited you get about communicating with him and encouraging his word explorations, the more he’ll attach wordlike sounds to the things he’s interested in.

Babbling, as nonsensical as it seems, moves your baby that much closer to his intentional first word, which tends to emerge around baby’s first birthday, or by 15 months. In the meantime, help your baby get ready for his first word by talking with him, asking him questions and waiting for his responses, reading to him, and letting him listen to you and your husband chatting. Studies show that the more words a baby is exposed to, the quicker he’ll hit this amazing milestone.

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