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25 [Fun & Educational] Indoor Activities for Toddlers New 2020

25 [Fun & Educational] Indoor Activities for Toddlers

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Finding ways to keep your tot occupied can feel like a full-time job. Being cooped up indoors is especially difficult for little ones. They tend to get a little bored and sometimes whiny! An impromptu afternoon indoors doesn’t have to be boring. When your toddler starts to get a little stir crazy and needs some action, try out this awesome list of indoor activities for toddlers. Get creative, act silly and let imagination run wild. PSA, remember to supervise your child, especially when your playing with small objects.

25 [Fun & Educational] Indoor Activities for Toddlers

indoor activities for toddlers

Classic Fun with Toddlers

1. Indoor Basketball

This is a super easy DIY game you can play using items around the house. To begin, grab some paper. Any size or type will work. Invite your child to help crumple up the paper. Once you built enough upcycled paper balls, begin tossing them in a laundry basket.

2. Read a book

Make funny voices and faces to make the story entertaining. Engage your child by pointing out pictures and asking questions. Here is a list of some of the best toddler books!

3. Peek-a-Boo, I See You!

Get creative and hide behind a couch or under a blanket. Your toddler will be delighted to search you out.

4. Magnetic Blocks 

Magnetic Blocks Perfect for Toddlers.

My daughter absolutely loved Magnet Blocks, in fact, so did my husband and all my older kids. These blocks are addicting as you can easily create towers and buildings. Best of all, we found that Magnetic Blocks occupied our toddler longer than any other inside activity. Check out our full review here!

5. Dancing and singing

Dance parties are one of my absolute favorite indoor activities to do with toddlers! There is no shortage of songs to stream for dancing. Stream Baby Shark and dance along as a family. You could also get creative and make up your own moves to a song.

6. Play Dough

Toddlers love the texture of playdough and can easily learn to roll balls and snakes. While there are plenty of perfectly safe options to buy, I love to make our own playdough in different super bright colors. We also add essential oils so that it smells good!

7. Indoor Bowling

Start off by collecting items around the house to use for the pins; paper towel rolls, plastic cups, or even cereal boxes. Make sure to choose a ball or object that has enough weight to knock down the pins. Your toddler will love the stimulation of rolling or tossing objects. Be sure to make some fun sounds as the pins fall for added excitement. Then, pick up the fallen pins and begin again.

8. Stacking blocks

stacking blocks

Work on your toddler’s fine motor skills by helping them stack up blocks as high as you can go. Then explore the cause and effect of knocking them down, this will probably be your toddler’s favorite part of this indoor activity!

9. Easy Science Lesson

For a simple indoor activity for toddlers, use vinegar and baking soda to teach your tot a super simple chemical reaction. Any toddler will get a kick out of watching what happens.

10. Magic Cup Show

To play these fun guessing games you’ll need three Solo cups or something similar. Take a special toy or piece of candy and place it under one cup. Next begin to mix up the order of the cups. Take turns guessing where the prize is located.

11. Sorting

Let your little one experience the joys of organizing. Mix up different toys and put them in a pile. Grab some different containers and begin sorting.

Sensory Indoor Activities for Toddlers

12. Taco Rolls

I love this unique activity for sensory seeking toddlers and your little one will, too. For this indoor activity for toddlers, you’ll need a large blanket to roll your tot up one or two times.  Have your child lay on the edge of the blanket. Begin to roll. After you have successfully rolled your tot, begin to gently unroll slowly. Then, repeat until you are both double over in laughter. 

13. Sensory boxes

Use a small tub or box and fill it with rice, dry corn, or anything with an interesting texture. Have your toddler use different utensils to search out hidden toys in the box or simply to scoop and dump the rice. Sensory tubs can be based on any theme imaginable.  

14. Tape FUN

We love using sticky tape to create various games and crafts. For an easy indoor toddler activity, use tape to make different geometrical shapes. Practice jumping to each shape while saying it out loud. 

15. Finger paints

indoor activities for toddlers

Toddler love to make a mess! Use large pieces of poster board or a cardboard box, lay a big tarp down under the box, and let your little one create a masterpiece. 

16. Craft a Quiet Book

Felt sheets are perfect for creating your very own quiet book. You’ll also need a sewing needle and embroidery thread. Glue can be substituted for the thread if you’d prefer. The idea is to create a multisensory book using felt cut-outs sewed together. Toddlers love the 3D pictures that this creates. 

17. Lacing Macaroni Noodles

This is one of the best activities to work on fine motor skills. You can get extra crafty and dye the noodles beforehand. If you’re looking for a little twist on this activity, substitute noodles for yummy fruit loops for an edible creation.

18. Wash dishes

Looking for indoor activities for toddlers that will also help you get some housework done? Toddlers love to play in the water and splash around. Grab some toys, a washcloth, and some soap then let them help you out. 

Indoor Activities to Get Some Energy Out

19. Baby, Baby Come Here

A spin on “Mother May I”, this game is easy for a tot to pick up on. Standing a distance from each other, open your arms and say their name. Begin moving towards your child with your arms wide open. Once you reach your child, give them a big hug. Turn back to your starting spot and begin again.

20. Hide and seek

hide and seek

We all know that toddlers love to run and hide, that is why hide and seek is an all-time classic! It is a great indoor activity to stimulate your child. Have fun finding silly places to hide, like behind a pillow or a door.

21. Learn to somersault

If you are looking to burn a little energy (perfect for before naptime!) practice simple somerrsaults. You only need a few feet of safe space on the floor for your little one to learn this gross motor-skill.

22. Follow the Leader

Children love to follow and model behavior, meaning your toddler will love this activity. Teach by example to show them the actions and rules of the game. Once your little one catches on, let them lead. Practice marching, hopping, scooching and crawling around the room.

23. Obstacle Course

Use tape, boxes, pillows, and blankets to create unique paths from start to finish. Play follow the leader as you navigate the course or race against time to see who can finish first.

24. Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes song and dance are easy for most toddlers to learn. Have fun with the movements and change up the pace and tone of the song to make it extra silly.

We know keeping a toddler entertained is no easy feat, especially when you are confined to the indoors. However, if you change things up and incorporate games and activities like the ones above, you should be able to keep your toddler busy! 

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