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25 Fun Summer Activities for Preschoolers & Toddlers New 2020

25 Fun Summer Activities for Preschoolers & Toddlers

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If you are looking for fun activities with your preschooler this summer, you can either plan ahead or go with the flow. Some activities need supplies while others just need a spark of imagination. And it is not just your young children that will enjoy it. Share in the fun with your little one and try out as many as you can of these 25 summer activities for preschoolers and toddlers.

25 Fun Summer Activities for Preschoolers and toddlers.

Wet and Wild Summer Activities

  1. Splash pad ”“ The best thing about a splash pad is that it is all of the water fun without the stress to parents and child about water depths. Some places have it accessible as part of a park or a water park
    25 Summer Activities - Splash Pad
  2. Beach ”“ A sandy spot can be along the shores of a pond, a lake, or the ocean. Whether your child is one with the water or prefers to create on the sand, there is something for all types of beach babies. Need some shade? Check out our best baby beach tent guide)
  3. Sponge fight ”“You don’t have to go far to enjoy this fun, wet activity. Making sponge bombs in water buckets in your yard is also easier to clean up than water balloons
  4. Water table ”“ For those kids who love to play in water rather than swim in it, nothing is cool and refreshing as a water table. All you need are cups for pouring and toys that can let them play with scientific concepts like sinking and floating.
  5. Bubbles ”“ Bubbles bring delight and wonder as they float over kids on a warm summer day. You can buy them in the stores or make your own soapy solution. Play with shapes and sizes for bubble magic fun.

summer activity - blowing bubbles

Cool and Calm Summer Activities for Preschoolers

  1. Library summer reading program ”“ Public libraries boost literacy and fun with summer reading programs. You don’t have to have been participating in story time during the rest of the year. You can read for prizes, participate in thematic activities, and stay cool in the A/C.
  2. Make something fun like play dough and slime ”“ You don’t need sunshine to create hours of fun with homemade play dough or slime. Discover colors, added elements, and ooey-gooey fun. Find a variety of recipes online.
    Elmers Glue Slime
  3. Cool with shaving cream art ”“ Go beyond finger paints and watercolors. Take some time out on a hot day for 3-diminsional art that can be colored, marbled, or sparkled. Even dipping fingers into the shaving cream is a cool sensory activity.
  4. Stargazing ”“ Even though summertime means later sunsets, the clear night skies allow for amazing starwatching moments. You can do it from an open field or park without city lights with or without a telescope.
    summer activities for preschoolers
  5. Make no-bake treats ”“ No need to turn on the oven to make treats to cool down on a hot summer day. One of the more delicious summer activities for preschooler is making some delicious no bake treats. Make juice pops, trail mix, rice cereal treats, fruit kebobs, and a number of other snacks. When you include your child in the process, they are more likely to eat those healthy treats too.

Make it a Date this Summer

  1. Summer movies ”“ There is no need to pay full box-office price for movie tickets in the summer. Your child may be able to enjoy watching a movie for free or nearly free at participating movie theaters. You don’t have to go to all, but you may be able to afford it during these special showings. (Don’t want to go out, have a movie night in with our delicious homemade popcorn recipe)
  2. Arrange a play date ”“ Sometimes the best part of fun during the summer is sharing it with friends. Schedule a time and date to meet with one of your children’s friends. It can be at your house or at a park. Maybe it can even turn into adult time for you and the other parent.
  3. Go out for lunch ”“ If you never go out with your child during the rest of the year, make it a special moment for both of you. Many restaurants have kids’ specials on certain days. Even better, pack a picnic and take a blanket for lunch al fresco.
    Summer activities with preschoolers
  4. Challenge your friends to a scavenger hunt ”“ Maybe you cannot meet up with friends at a certain time. Set up a scavenger hunt for them and have them make one for your child. There are also numerous geocaching ideas and hunts aimed for younger children.
  5. Enjoy a Local festival ”“ Does your neighborhood or homeowner’s association host a neighborhood block party? Does your town have food festivals or summer celebrations that your child is ready to enjoy? Let them learn more about their community that has a little bit of something for everyone.
  1. Go for a bike ride ”“ Explore the streets near your home or the bike paths in your area. Depending on your child’s age and biking ability, your rides can range from pedaling at your child’s pace or riding fast at your pace in a seat or buggy.
  2. Make ice cream ”“ Change a liquid to a delicious solid with this edible science experiment. Your child will learn what goes into ice cream and then work for the creamy end result. It can be made in plastic baggies or with an electric ice cream maker
    Summer Activities for Preschoolers
  3. Visit parks ”“ Nature is alive during summer, and the parks are ready for explorers like your child. From town parks all the way to state and national parks, there is something for everyone to learn and discover.
  4. Take a hike ”“ One of my favorite summer activities for preschoolers is taking a hike. Just like bike paths, a walking path can help your child see more of the world around them. At a slower pace, your child can watch bugs, find new flowers, or listen to the sounds that cannot be heard from a car. Early walks mean less chance for bug bites.
  5. Go to farmers markets ”“ If a farmer’s market is not already on your list for shopping trips, bring your child to your local farmer’s market to meet the growers and harvesters. They can see fruits, vegetables, and other food items made by local farmers and artisans. Go more than once to see the different produce in season.
  1. Sidewalk chalk ”“ The sidewalk is the largest canvas your child will be able to use, so let them bring out the artist within them. Teach them games like hopscotch or tic-tac-toe. Practice writing in one of the most colorful ways.
    sidewalk chalk
  2. Attend a county fair ”“ The county fair is more than just a bunch of carnival rides and deep-fried treats. It is also a place where livestock is presented to potential buyers and crafts are displayed and judged. Your child can get up close and personal with pigs, sheep, and other animals without having to go to the actual farm.
  3. Catch and release fireflies ”“ Another great summer activity for preschoolers is the arrival of fireflies. These bugs, also called lightning bugs, are fun to chase. Squeals of delight come every time it lights up over the grass. Once they are caught and observed, it’s time to set them free to fly again. If you are not in an area of fireflies, you can create a butterfly garden
  4. Grow a garden ”“ A window box, a planter box, or a plot of soil in the yard are all ways to let your child grow their own plants from either seeds or seedlings. While it may take patience at the beginning, the end results will be delightful.
    best toys for 5 year old boys
  5. Bring out the inner photographer ”“ No matter what fun activities you choose with your child this summer, let them help create the memories by letting them take photos. A digital camera is one way to let them point and shoot without them dominating the camera on your smartphone.

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