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25 Month Old Child Development New 2020

25 Month Old Child Development

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Adding to Your Family

It’s an exciting prospect to add another little member to your family. If you’re pregnant again, congratulations! You’re a veteran at pregnancy, but things are different now that you’re caring for a toddler who doesn’t want to slow down just because Mommy does!

One of the biggest challenges of pregnancy — especially if you’re experiencing morning sickness and fatigue — is getting through the day. Of course, your child still needs your watchful eye, so you can’t just snooze while he’s running wild throughout the house. Instead, nap when he does and get to bed at a reasonable time to help combat fatigue. If a friend offers to take your tot for a playdate, take her up on it and use that time to put your feet up and relax. (Throw in a load of laundry first if it eases the guilt of ?not doing anything.?)

If lunch for you is nibbling while your toddler eats, change your mindset and make an effort to eat well. Not only is a healthy diet important for the baby, but eating nutritious meals and staying hydrated will help you feel better.

If your kiddo is rambunctious and demanding of your attention, try leaving him with Daddy or a friend for longer ob-gyn appointments. You need time to discuss the pregnancy, your health, and your baby-to-be’s development with your physician and have your questions answered without interruption. (Oh, and while you’re there you might want to ask your doc about whether it’s okay to pick up your toddler during pregnancy.)

Overall, take care of yourself, and if the house is a little messy or you need to heat up a frozen pizza for dinner once in a while, give yourself a break. You’re growing a baby and raising a toddler; that’s plenty of work for anyone!

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