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27 Month Old Child Development New 2020

27 Month Old Child Development

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Your Toddler’s Vision

You just can’t help falling in love (all over again!) when your toddler gazes up at your with his beautiful eyes and sweet little face. You probably aren’t thinking at that time about ways to keep his pretty peepers healthy — but be sure you don’t take your tot’s good vision for granted.

Your child’s pediatrician probably just did a routine vision screening with your toddler at his 2-year baby- well appointment. This is good, because discovering abnormalities early is important for treating vision problems and potentially preventing vision loss. If the doctor does notice a problem with the eyes, she’ll either treat it or refer your child to an eye specialist.

Although the doctor screens your little one’s eyes, parents are most likely to spot vision problems in their toddlers. Signs to look for include crossed eyes, drooping eyelids, eyes that don’t move in sync, pink, red, or milky white eyes, crusting, or discharge. If you notice your tot squinting or having trouble seeing clearly, that’s a red flag that he needs to have his vision checked.

If your toddler wears glasses or needs them, be prepared for days when he’s just not in the mood to put them on; learning to adjust to glasses takes time. Buying some tiny play glasses for his favorite stuffed animal might help, and if you wear glasses, set a good example by taking good care of them. While your child likely won’t need eyeglasses, it’s beneficial if he wears sunglasses outdoors. Look for shades that block UV to minimize his exposure to harmful rays that can increase the risk of cataracts later in life. If you kiddo refuses to wear sunglasses, protect his peepers with a brimmed hat that shades his eyes.

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