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27 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

27 Week Old Baby Development

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Your baby’s mealtimes might seem like pure fun and mess, but your baby is actually learning from all that tasting, crumbling, squeezing, smearing, and throwing. Some of her experiments lead to fascinating results: that slippery foods such as bananas squish magnificently between the fingers, while dry foods, such as Goldfish crackers, just crumble. She’s also discovering that if she throws her cup on the floor, someone will inevitably pick it up — again and again. Such “games” can be frustrating to moms who simply want babies to eat, but they teach your little one how to feed herself and give her the confidence to do it, eventually, in a more focused, less messy way.

Don’t worry if your baby seems to eat like a bird at times. She’s still getting the bulk of her nutrition from formula or breast milk, so if she hardly eats more than a few bites of baby food in one sitting, that’s OK. In fact, babies are keenly in tune with their tummies, which are tiny to begin with. So you can trust her instincts when she pushes the spoon away or refuses to open up. When to worry? If you notice a significant change in the number of wet/dirty diapers she produces, if your baby seems irritable and lethargic for no apparent reason, or if she doesn’t seem to be growing on schedule (most babies gain about a pound a month now, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics). If you’re concerned, talk to your pediatrician.

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