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3 craft projects for little dudes New 2020

3 craft projects for little dudes

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While I was at the BlogHer Conference this summer, I had the opportunity to meet Angry Julie (who was actually quite pleasant). She told me about some of her fun boy-centric crafts and  projects and offered to share a few of them today. They look super fun and I am so grateful.

I am not the craftiest mom but I have a pretty handy husband. For some reason, my husband actually goes along with my “brilliant” ideas. But really most of the time, he just rolls his eyes at me. I figure that since he has all of these really cool and somewhat expensive tools, he should use them right?

I’m always looking on blogs and/or the Internet for cool projects or crafts for our son, whom is currently six years old. Over a year ago, I (we) re-decorated his bedroom in an “extreme sports” theme complete with bright colors, skateboard shelves, and a dirt bike vinyl decal on his wall.

Crafts Caddy

We live in a small house, and kid clutter can sometimes take over an area. When my son was in pre-school, he started acquiring a large amount of art supplies. I saw some great craft caddies and/or organizers at some of the child specialty stores, but they were a little too expensive for my taste. After searching online, I found some great projects using a basic lazy susan. We incorporated some of the original ideas but also added in some of our own personalized ideas like screwing the buckets to the lazy susan rather than gluing it down.

Craft Caddy from Angry Julie Monday

Check out the full tutorial and original post for the Arts and Craft Caddy.

Lego Table

When my son was old enough for Legos, we started acquiring (hoarding) them. They have practically taken over his bedroom. He was always dragging his boxes out into the family room, or on the kitchen table. My husband wished that they made some kind of Lego table similar to the very large train table that my son had when he was smaller. Although there are some Lego tables out there, once again, they are pricey. While shopping at IKEA one day, I saw a display and an idea came to me. We could use a simple IKEA table and transform it into a Lego table with some Lego baseplates and glue. With some modifications to my original plan, the project came to fruition.

Awesome lego table by Angry Julie

Check out the full tutorial and original post for the Lego Table Made with IKEA Lack Table.

PVC Playhouse

And our most recent masterpiece was brainstormed from a wonderful new site, Pinterest, which stores virtual bookmarks with pictures. I could spend hours looking at all of the recipes, crafts, and projects. It is summer time, and my son has had way too many moments of boredom. He is always tearing apart our couch and making some kind of house or or fort. Well, I while I was doing research (browsing Pinterest), I came across a picture of a fort made out of PVC pipes. I immediately emailed my husband the picture. The original poster did not post any kind of tutorial, so we had to figure out all of the dimensions ourselves. It took only a short time to assemble, but it is still holding up, and taking up space in the office in our house.

Cool PVC play fort by Angry Julie

Check out the full tutorial and original post for the PVC Pipe Playhouse/Fort Tutorial.

Julie, also known as Angry Julie, lives in Orange County, CA. She works full-time in the legal sector taking photographs. She is married, and has a 6-year old son. When she isn’t busy taking pictures of her son, she is attempting to be an athlete, playing with her iPhone, or pretending to be a craft/DIY blogger on the internet. Find more of her photographs and ramblings on her blog at Angry Julie Monday.

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