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3 Fun Ways to Personalize Your Kids Style ”

Childhood is the best time to learn how to start expressing who we are and dream to be. Afterall, kids can pull off crazy outfits and unique ideas that show off the kind of creativity that should always be encouraged. In truth, there’s nothing better than building a child’s confidence by helping them embrace their own individual style. Best of all it’s never too late to try fun and exciting ways to personalize your kid’s style.  

  1. Play Around with Patches 

An easy and guaranteed way to add some pop to your kid’s style is to use patches. There’s no need to get pricey either, a patch can be made from other fabric laying around or by buying a bulk pack of patches that can be used for several different crafts over time. For patchwork ideas, try cutting up old clothes with fun prints or colors that can be sewn over the knees of a pair of pants. This will add a super unique flair and also provide stronger fabric over the knees, which is a bonus for any playful kids prone to making holes in their clothes. There are tons of creative ways to patch pants, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Try adding patches to any clothing or cloth like materials, such as:

  • Sweaters and cardigans
  • Hats
  • Backpacks 
  • Purses and bags
  • Sneakers 

Just make sure to place out the patches before sewing anything on to make sure the finished product will be as good as the vision. 

  1. Knit Animal Hats 

This is a fun DIY project that will bring a smile to any child’s face. Afterall, what could be better than wearing a hat of your favorite animal. There are less complicated design options like making a hat with animal ears or try something more advanced like knitting a hat with ears and the animals face. After searching animal hat knitting patterns to find your kid’s perfect pick, it’s time to get the yarn and start knitting their new wild winter hat. Before grabbing your wallet to go hunt for a local craft store, sit back on the couch and find the biggest selection of yarn online from the comfort of home. Explore tons of yarn weights, types, brands and colors that can be ordered right to your front door. Once you have your yarn all that’s left to do is knit your kid’s new favorite one of a kind animal hat. 

  1. Beads and Bedazzle 

Probably the easiest way to transform any piece of clothing or accessory is to add some beads or bedazzling bling. There are plenty of ideas to explore that can take your child’s style from store bought to one of a kind wearable art. Sew a line of beads across pant or jacket pockets, make a beaded heart or lightning bolt outline on backpacks, or even bedazzle a pair of shoes into a one of a kind creation. Let creativity take control and see what ideas a pack of beads and thread will inspire from your child today.

Mims Blog

3 Fun Ways to Personalize Your Kids Style

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