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3 Reasons I love the Nuroo baby-wearing shirt! New 2020

NuRoo baby-wearing shirt in action

I wore my babies All The Time and used the ergo, BABYBJÖRN, fake-moby wrap, and whatever else I could strap to my person. Here are three reasons I love the Nuroo baby-wearing shirt

NuRoo baby-wearing shirt in action

Skin to Skin Contact

The one thing I love about this Nuroo shirt is the skin to skin contact you have with the baby. It helps so much with bonding and also the development of the little one. The shirt is very comfortable, make sure you get the right size because if you get a size too small, the shirt becomes uncomfortable for you and the baby.

NuRoo Pocket promotes sibling-time

2) Hands-Free Baby Carrier

If you have more than one tiny human in your household, having a hands free carry is pretty much a necessity, heck even with just one, it is so nice to have both hands free.

3) Easy to Put On & Adjusts as your Baby Grows

Unlike some baby carriers which is clearly a two-man operation, the Nuroo is super simple to place your baby in (see diagram below). With the Nuroo baby shirt, the cross and hug’ closures provide a custom fit to adjust as your baby grows. Check Prices Here!

How to Wear it!

And here’s the handy diagram about how to install the baby into your clothing (click to see it bigger and visit to their full-on instruction page with video):

How to wear the NuRoo Pocket

What do you guys think about the Nuroo Baby Shirt?

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