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3 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

3 Week Old Baby Development

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Tricks to Calm Baby

In the first few weeks, the older your little one gets, the more she’ll cry, peaking around 6 weeks old. While fussing and wailing is totally normal for babies — think of it as your little one’s only way of telling you how she feels — it can be super stressful for you, particularly if you’re not sure how to soothe her. In a quiet moment, make a master list of potential solutions, such as offering a pacifier, massaging her belly or back, swaddling her, popping her in the baby swing, changing her diaper, checking for clothing irritations, or taking her for a car ride. When your little one starts up again, you’ll have an arsenal of antiwail weapons at your disposal.

But sometimes babies just need to cry as a way to vent their out-of-control emotions when they’re feeling overstimulated or overtired; it might actually help them calm themselves down. If your baby isn’t hungry, doesn’t have a dirty diaper, and doesn’t have any other clear reason why she’d be so cranky, it’s perfectly fine to let her howl it out for a bit. Place her in her crib or bouncy seat and walk away for a 10-minute Mom time-out. A few deep breaths, a dip into a book, or an SOS phone call to another mom pal will clear your head and help you deal with the fussing without melting down yourself. Bonus: You’re actually doing her a favor by allowing her the chance to self-soothe, a valuable skill for your baby to learn.

Of course, it won’t “spoil” the baby if you prefer to hold her until she calms down, either. Just remember that if the crying is ongoing and overwhelming — and it’s stressing you out — give your pediatrician a call for help.

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