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32 birthday gift ideas for girls who don’t like princesses New 2020

32 gifts for girls who don

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32 gifts for girls who don't like pink or princesses

On her fifth birthday, Scarlett opened a birthday gift from my sister and then left the room crying. When I talked to her about it, she said with a very sad voice, “I forgot to tell Auntie Em that I don’t like princesses and fairies.” The gift was a set of paper doll and sticker activity books. Perfect for a five-year old girl. Or at least most of them.

This year, Scarlett’s number one wish — after a guinea pig which her very mean parents did not grant — was a CamelBak. Or as she called it, “a water backpack”. She was delighted to receive it from her grandparents, even though it is Raspberry in color and she had warned everyone that she didn’t want “anything pink, with princesses, fairies or Hello Kitty.”


She is currently into soccer, stuffed animals, a large plastic horse intended for American Girl-sized dolls to ride, and listening to pop music on Spotify.

I challenged our ten-thousand-Mom Facebook community to provide gift ideas for a non-girly girl, and they delivered. Here’s the list, which is ultimately a fabulous list of gifts for any 6-year old:

  1. LEGOs
  2. Remote control train
  3. Nunchucks and a ninja mask. (Um, see this photo for why this was recommended by someone who knows me.)
  4. Membership to the zoo
  5. Adopting an animal via WWF
  6. Terrarium
  7. Puzzles
  8. Basketball hoop
  9. Piggy bank
  10. Bike
  11. Classic books like Where the Sidewalk Ends
  12. Superhero cape
  13. Goldie Blox (She received a kit. Jury’s still out. Love the mission, but I got personally frustrated with connecting the parts together.)
  14. Tickets to a show
  15. Stomp rocket
  16. Horses (This means small plastic ones, I presume. I cannot afford a live horse, much less a set of them.)
  17. Water balloon launcher
  18. Craft kits
  19. Gardening tools
  20. Magna-Tiles (Great idea! Oh, how I covet these expensive magical toys!)
  21. Soccer ball, any kind of ball but this light-up one is sure fun
  22. Ivy and Bean books
  23. Weighted Hula Hoop
  24. Ladybug farm
  25. Make-your-own book kit
  26. Science kit
  27. Musical instrument
  28. Art supplies
  29. Chess set
  30. Bow and Arrow
  31. A bubble machine
  32. Butterfly kit

These are all good ideas! Got any more for us?

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