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34 Month Old Child Development New 2020

34 Month Old Child Development

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Home Hazards

You don’t see the air you breathe, but you should know whether it’s clean and safe. Air pollution — even indoors — can threaten your family’s health, especially if you or a loved one has asthma or lung disease.

An easy step to better air quality is to routinely change your home’s air filter, which captures contaminants and allergens. The ventilation system in your home requires regular maintenance to effectively limit the accumulation of carbon monoxide (CO) in the house. CO is colorless and odorless, and a leak can cause illness or fatalities. Have your home’s heating system inspected yearly and install a CO detector that can warn you if CO levels are dangerous.

Another serious health risk to your family is mold, a fungus that can flourish when left unchecked. Mold can spread quickly throughout your house if there’s water damage, and if conditions are right (warm temperatures, plenty of moisture) mold can grow exponentially. Unfortunately certain molds can produce toxins that cause medical problems such as headaches, fatigue, aggravated asthma, and dizziness, and many people are allergic to the mold itself.

If you think your home has a mold problem, call an expert to test for it. Trying to treat it yourself can be dangerous; you need a trained professional to rid your home of mold contamination. A few ways to prevent mold from growing are to keep your home’s humidity level down, replace water-damaged carpet, and change the air filters in your home regularly.

Lastly, if you smoke in your house, you need to take it outside. Using an air cleaner, opening a window, and limiting smoking to the bathroom are not enough to eliminate contaminants in the house. Secondhand smoke can cause a host of problems for your child, including ear infections and chronic respiratory illness.

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