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4 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips ”

For busy parents who own a hot tub already and are looking to keep it in top shape, what should be done? Certainly, you’re limited on time. Therefore, hopefully, the maintenance won’t require much of that or be needed too often. 

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Accordingly, here are 4 hot tub maintenance tips that work well with different amounts of free time. 

  • Fix the Water Hose to Fill the Tub Cleanly

As the experts can tell you, your hot tub is only as good as the water you use to fill it. Given that you don’t have control over the local water supply and cannot be sure what’s been added to it, it’s good to filter it before refilling the tub. 

While the H2O from the water utility may leave their plants clean, old water pipes at the distribution stage can add nasty extras that you don’t want. Adding a hose filter will protect from unclean water going in the tub. Also, the internal equipment won’t degrade due to contaminants in the water supply.

  • Clean the Hot Tub Cover Carefully

Using a hot tub cover prevents debris from blowing into the backyard and getting inside the hot tub. Not only does it save your filters from working overtime, but it avoids gumming up the works too.

A hot tub cover will gradually accumulate dirt and more on its surface and underside. It may also get damp due to residual moisture from rainfall. When unchecked, this can create a musty smell or mildew. So, it’s best to clean your hot tub cover semi-regularly to avoid a bacterial build-up; otherwise, it could get in the tub itself.

A concentrated bleach product will be fine. Add it to an empty spray bottle and dilute it down per the instructions on the bottle. Spray and clean the cover roughly every 2-3 months, depending on how dirty it gets due to its location. 

  • Add Panty Hose to the Inlets

While you might think this is an April Fool’s joke, it’s not. The return inlets at the lower level often get blocked up with gunk that’s difficult to filter out. Covering these inlets with new pantyhose prevents any debris or dirt from finding its way down there. 

It’s also easier to balance the water chemistry when the internal system isn’t getting blocked up. Don’t expect the filters to do all the work. They need replacing sooner if you do and they’re not cheap. 

When a hot tub has been installed with a tile surround, it brings some attractive shine to proceedings. However, this is much like your bathroom tiles in that the grout between each tile can easily pick-up dirt, dust, and more. Over time, it will lose its original color and darken. 

Use a combination of baking soda and water mixed into a workable paste. Then spread it over the grout by using a sponge. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes to work its magic. Then turn the hot tub on and use an old toothbrush to scrub the grout to clean it. 

By maintaining your hot tub regularly, you avoid it performing poorly or breaking down. It also sidesteps more costly or time-consuming fixes later too.

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4 Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

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