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4 Plastic Surgeries That Can Help Moms Feel Like Themselves Again

4 Plastic Surgeries That Can Help Moms Feel Like Themselves Again

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4 Plastic Surgeries That Can Help Moms Feel Like Themselves Again ”

Most of the moms that start working out and dieting aren’t trying to look skinny—they’re trying to look like themselves again. They want their mirror image to match how they see themselves in their minds.

They may pay attention to numbers such as their weight or clothing size, but they’re actually pursuing a feeling. But sadly, that feeling can often be elusive through diet and exercise. You can count every calorie and workout for months at a time and still feel like you’re not quite there.

Don’t beat yourself up! Help is available. There are several cosmetic and plastic surgeries that can take you that extra step.

The Tummy Tuck

The world-famous tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) remains extremely popular, despite the fact that there are dozens of non-surgical alternatives on the market today. There were just over 118,000 successful tummy tucks performed in 2019, making it the 5th most popular procedure among North American women.

This surgery is particularly appealing to women who have had children because it targets the problematic stomach area. It also addresses the loose skin and stretch marks that no amount of planks or sit-ups can get rid of.

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

This facial surgery is actually very popular with both men and women. It was the 2nd most popular procedure among men, and the 3rd most popular procedure among women, with over 211,000 total procedures.

However, a lot of moms still don’t know about it. What is eyelid surgery and how can it help you? Simply put, it targets the loose skin that causes eyelids to droop down. The end result gives you a more rested and youthful look.


Why would you get a liposuction procedure instead of a tummy tuck? Well, a liposuction procedure can be performed on other areas of your body, such as your:

  •   Upper arms
  •   Neck/ chin area
  •   Legs
  •   Back, hips, and flanks

The technology used in modern-day liposuctions is vastly superior to the tools and techniques used only a few years ago. Today, surgeons are able to use energy-assisted devices to liquefy the fat cells for easy extraction, while using an incredibly small microcannula to remove them.

This means that there is a very subtle scar, with no bruising, and very little recovery time.

A Breast Lift

Time, gravity and childbearing can wreak havoc on a woman’s breasts. After a few years, your breasts will likely start to noticeably sag downward, losing their youthful perkiness.

A breast lift can address drooping breast tissue and remove excess skin to give you a more flattering body contour and silhouette. This can really help you look and feel younger, while helping you love the way your clothes fit you again.

Of course, these are only a few of the many plastic surgery procedures available on the market today.

Did one of them jump out at you? Be sure to find a board-certified and experienced surgeon in your area. They can help you come up with a plan that helps you feel like yourself again!

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4 Plastic Surgeries That Can Help Moms Feel Like Themselves Again

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