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4 Ways to Feel Like Yourself Again Post-Pregnancy

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4 Ways to Feel Like Yourself Again Post-Pregnancy ”

The magic of childbirth marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life: parenting. Pregnancy and childbirth though can take an immense toll on the body and the mind. Many new mothers find it difficult to feel comfortable, capable, or beautiful once they’ve given birth. If you feel this way, just remember that it is completely normal!

There are hundreds of methods out there that can help you reacquaint with your body and return to your pre-pregnancy self. Try out some of these helpful tips to help you get back to feeling more like ‘you’ and take motherhood by storm.

1.  Work with a Cosmetic Surgeon

Partnering with a specialized surgeon can be a great way to relieve some of the unwanted side effects your body goes through during childbirth. Common surgeries like a tummy-tuck, liposuction, or contouring can remove surplus body fat, reduce scarring from a C-section, and help you feel refreshed and renewed. While it may be a larger investment, many new parents find the Mommy Makeover cost to be worth it.

2.  Consider Talk-Therapy or Counseling

If you find new motherhood a little overwhelming, therapy can help you learn coping tools. Many parents find that therapy helps them to better serve their children’s best interests without compromising their own mental health. This is extra helpful for managing conditions like Post-Partum Depression that may be impacting your moods and impulses.

When you bring a new child into your family, there is inevitably a shift in the relationship dynamic between you and your partner. Couples counseling can be a great way to keep communication open and transparent during this stage of upheaval. Caring for a newborn is a stressor in even the happiest of marriages.

Counseling and therapy are truly valuable methods of helping you through parenthood and the challenges it can present to your love life.

3.  Make Time for Friends

Unfortunately, this may appear to be the least possible piece of advice! Your newborn is obviously going to eat up a lot of your time. You may spend long nights trying to get them to sleep, and day after day changing diapers and cleaning up messes. This makes it very easy to lose touch with your happiness and your needs very quickly. Making some ‘me’ time, like hanging out with friends, can force you to think selfishly at least once every week or so.

It may not be the thrilling weekend getaway you hope for, but even having a gal pal over for a cup of coffee while the baby naps can be a great way to take a load off and de-stress. Having a new baby is a great time to focus on hosting rather than going out. This way you don’t need a babysitter every time you want to spend some time someone who’s not an infant.

4.  The Post-Pregnancy Shopping Trip

Post-pregnancy is difficult physically for many women. Clothing is just one area that can make you feel in-between or out of touch. You don’t fill out your maternity clothes anymore, but all your pre-pregnancy clothing is too small, uncomfortable, or inconvenient for breastfeeding.

Don’t force yourself into old clothing that isn’t fit for purpose. One great way to invest in your physical and mental self after giving birth is by purchasing a new wardrobe.

Head to a store you love and pick out some comfortable outfits that make you feel cozy and beautiful. Imagine the difference it’ll make when you can walk to your closet and pick out comfortable clothes that fit you. 

The Bottom Line

You can welcome your child into the world without saying goodbye to your comfort and self-image! Try these post-pregnancy tips and invest in yourself for the best physical and mental health.

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4 Ways to Feel Like Yourself Again Post-Pregnancy

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