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4 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

4 Week Old Baby Development

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Overcoming Post Postpartum

Now that you’re a month into parenthood, you might notice that you’ve become the No. 1 expert on your baby. You know how your little one likes to be held when he nurses. You’ve discovered his favorite napping spot. Perhaps you can even tell what your baby needs by the tone of his cry. An “I’m starving!” wail sounds a little different from one that means “I need a diaper change pronto!” Cry interpretation is a valuable skill to hone, not only because it’s much less guesswork and stress for you, but because it might ultimately result in fewer tears since you’re fixing what ails him faster.

But don’t be surprised if you’re in tears almost as often as your baby is. By the end of your baby’s first month, some of the “He’s here!” excitement has worn off, replaced by the predictability of routine — and a sense of just how much your life has changed and just how exhausted you really are. Most new moms experience a roller coaster of emotions right now, and sporadic postbaby blues are totally normal. Recharge by carving out time for yourself. Leave the baby with your partner for a while so you can soak in the tub for 20 minutes, catch lunch with friend, even just run a couple errands alone. As much as you love your little guy, it’s also healthy to be baby-free once in a while.

If you feel particularly sad, overwhelmed, disinterested in your life or your baby, or just trapped in a funk that you can’t shake, it could be postpartum depression, which more than 10 percent of new moms experience. Ask your doctor or your baby’s pediatrician for advice. The quicker you get help, the quicker you’ll feel like yourself again.

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