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42 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

42 Week Old Baby Development

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Moving to a Sippy Cup

Pediatricians generally recommend that babies switch from bottles to sippy cups by their first birthday, since sucking on a bottle after that can lead to cavities and other dental issues. For some kids, the switch is no big deal, but for others, particularly those who have been drinking from a bottle since birth and now view it as an object of attachment, it takes a lot of getting used to. Your child might flat-out refuse the sippy, cry, or struggle even figuring out how to get the sippy cup into his mouth.

To make the transition easier for both of you, start introducing a sippy cup now, if you haven’t already. Buy a small cup with easy-to-grasp handles on both sides and fill it halfway with breast milk, formula, or diluted juice. Then show Baby how pick it up, bring it to his mouth, and tip it to drink. He might just play with it at first, which is why it’s best to buy the no-spill kind, but eventually he’ll get the idea. You can offer him sippy cups in addition to his usual bottles for a few weeks, then slowly phase out the bottles. If he still wails for one, try filling it with water and using the cup to offer formula or juice, which he probably likes better. Eventually he should lose interest in the bottle. But don’t worry if he’s still hooked at the 12-month mark. Eventually he’ll make the change.

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