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43 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

43 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Your Social Butterfly

Got a little copycat on your hands? Around this age you might notice that your baby imitates everything you do. She might try to feed you a spoonful of the applesauce she’s eating, rub you with her washcloth while you’re bathing her, or bang on the computer keyboard if you hold her on your lap while dashing off an e-mail.

Babies learn a ton through this monkey-see, monkey-do approach, but it’s not just your positive behaviors she’ll pick up on. If you yell at your children, chances are they might take to shouting. Get stressed out or frustrated pretty easily? She’ll likely copy that too. No one says you have to be a saint, but if you find yourself getting angry or nearing wits’ end, give yourself a quick time-out before you blow up in front of Baby. You can always put her in her crib for a few minutes while you take a few deep breaths in the bedroom. You’ll feel better, and she won’t pick up a habit you really didn’t want to hand down.

Also, don’t let this whole “mini me” phase fool you too much. Your baby is developing a keen sense of her own identity right now. She’s beginning to understand that her belongings are distinct from others; she might be able to find her own toys in the playroom, for example, and prefer them to her brother’s. She’s also learning that her voice, face, and body parts are different from everyone else’s. You can reinforce this by picking up her favorite stuffed animal and naming each of its body parts — then IDing the same parts on your baby. After a several repetitions, try asking your baby where her head, eyes, ears, and toes are. You might be amazed to find her pointing to them soon.

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