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44 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

44 Week Old Baby Development

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Playing Favorites

If you’re a mom of more than one child, you try hard not to play favorites. But even if you admit it to only yourself, face it, you sometimes do. When your baby is being extra sweet, you might fancy a little more cuddle time with him than with her older sister. Luckily, the next day you might like hanging out with your preschooler more than with your cranky baby. As long as you’re not playing favorites over the long haul, there’s no harm done in being partial to one child one day, another child the next. Just be sure to avoid comparing two kids or being outright biased when you referee disputes or offer affection. That’s something your children will be sure to pick up on.

Of course, just as parents sometime play favorites, your baby does too. Around this age, however, she’ll be less all-or-nothing, favoring you while outright rejecting your spouse, and is more likely to prefer Mom for some things, Dad for others. For example, now she might run to you when she’s hurt herself and wants comfort — but will beeline for Dad when she’s excited and wants to play. Or she might want only Daddy to feed her dinner and you to read her stories — no exceptions. Not only are such preferences frustrating, they can lead to hurt feelings among parents. (Aren’t you a fun mom, too?) Try not to take it personally. It’s a normal phase that usually passes pretty quickly.

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