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45 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

45 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Oh “No”

As soon as your baby grasps the concept of “no,” she’ll love teasing it out of you every chance she gets. To elicit a big N-O from you or your partner, she might bang her sippy cup on the table, yank on your hair, or go for things she knows are off-limits, such as the television remote or the phone cord. She might even look at you with a mischievous grin as she does it. To her, it’s less about rebelling or even getting her hands on the forbidden item than it is about getting your attention and getting a rise out of you. Consider this a primitive form of schoolyard teasing, and respond by redirecting, not scolding. Take her sippy cup away and calmly say, “All done.” Or whisk her away from the phone cord and ask if she’d like to play with her toy telephone instead. Just like the kids in the schoolyard, when she can’t get a rise out of you, she’ll lose interest in testing your limits. Offering some extra positive attention — hugs and kisses, snuggle time with a book — might help her see there are better ways of getting your attention than acting out.

It won’t be long, however, until your baby starts saying “no” herself. She might have already figured out how to shake her head, but once she spits out the word itself — an easy-to-say single syllable — she’ll start to utter it incessantly, to your chagrin. Does she want to finish the rest of her morning oatmeal? No. How about a diaper change? No. She might even announce a reminder “no” to herself at the moment she does something mischievous. Getting to “yes” with a 10-month-old takes energy, but take heart — you might find she’s refusing the oatmeal at the same time she dips her spoon into it.

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