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47 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

47 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Your Baby’s New Obsessions

As your baby gains greater control of her body and more dexterity, she might begin “helping” you dress her by extending her arms into her onesies, sticking her feet into her shoes, and pulling her socks off — an all-time baby favorite. Keep a close eye on hats, socks, and mittens, which tend to get yanked off and tossed out of her stroller when you’re not looking. And watch for a potential streaker on your hands. Many babies who figure out how to wriggle out of their clothes love to peel off every stitch, including their diapers, and make a break for it.

For some babies, though, there’s nothing fun about getting ready in the morning. If your little one resists getting dressed, boost the fun quotient by playing peekaboo when you pull her shirt over her head or tickling her feet before you put her socks on. Or give her the chance to choose between two shirts. Feeling more involved in the process might help her have more patience with getting dressed.

Beyond clothing, there’s plenty to interest your baby these days. Some children are obsessed with banging on things — the louder the better. Offer an appropriate musical outlet by stocking a low kitchen cabinet with nonbreakable pots, lids, plastic containers, and wooden spoons, so she can drum to her heart’s content. Fill old plastic spice jars with pasta or dried beans for her to shake or drop to experiment with the sounds they make (just make sure the lids are sealed tightly). She’ll also love practicing her burgeoning sorting and organizing skills by putting smaller containers inside larger ones and arranging them in various ways. Bonus: Her kitchen play buys you cooking time, and having her own special cabinet might keep her out of others she shouldn’t be exploring.

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