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48 Week Old Baby Development New 2020

48 Week Old Baby Development

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Your Growing Baby

Talking Up a Storm

By this stage your almost-toddler is likely chatting up a storm. That’s not to say he’s necessarily uttering actual words, but you’ll hear a distinctly conversation-like pattern to the way he talks, as if his nonsensical ramblings were an actual dialogue. For instance, the inflection of his voice will go up and down to indicate sentences and questions, and he might chatter for minutes at a time, as if he’s earnestly trying to tell you something. Even if you don’t understand one word, you can encourage your baby’s first-word efforts by responding as if you understood everything he said: “Really, honey? Wow, that’s so interesting! And then what happened?” Once in a while you might even hear a real word or two thrown in there.

On the Move

Physically, your baby might be taking one or two steps on his own by now, but if he’s still perfectly happy sitting or crawling and hasn’t shown any interest in pulling himself up yet, it’s okay. Not all babies develop on the same timeline. Chances are, he’s just proceeding at his own measured pace — and that might be a good match to his personality. Cautious babies sometimes acquire motor skills more slowly, only attempting new moves when they’re sure of their movements and less likely to hurt themselves — by, say, falling backward when they finally do stand. Or they might prefer to master an entire process — such as pulling up, balancing, then gently sitting down again — before adding it to their everyday repertoire. If you’re concerned, have your pediatrician evaluate him, if only to reassure you that you shouldn’t count a late bloomer out.

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