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4Tips For Moving To A New Place With Kids

4Tips For Moving To A New Place With Kids

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4Tips For Moving To A New Place With Kids ”

Moving is a big deal for adults, and t’s an even bigger deal for kids. Whether you’re moving to another state or just to a new neighborhood, it’s all the same for a kid. Readjusting to a new space can be downright traumatizing for a child if they’ve never done it before. 

Above all, not only is it difficult for your children to understand the concept of moving somewhere new, but there’s also a considerable amount of stress on you to make sure it all gets done correctly. From the packing to the unpacking to making sure that the cable gets transferred—there’s a lot to handle at once!

The great news is that it’s possible to have a smooth move with kids by having the right tips under your belt. Take a look at making a move to a new place with kids as easy as possible.  

Give Them Plenty of Notice 

The most important thing you can do to make everyone’s life easier is to tell your kids way in advance what’s going to happen. You never know what kind of reaction they’re going to have, so it’s best to prepare yourself for an adjustment period. 

If they have any questions, make sure that you answer them and be as positive as possible. Whatever reactions they have, make sure that you acknowledge them instead of dismissing them altogether. 

Get Them Involved 

A great way to get children excited about a move is to make them feel like they’re a part of the process. Get them involved in every step of the way in a way that’s age-appropriate. Some younger children may not be able to help pack very much; however, you can ask them to help put items into boxes that you hand them.   Find small jobs that are realistic for a small person to carry out.

Older children can be a great help because they are more capable of organizing and sorting items. 

Read Books and Watch Movies 

Kids respond really well to books and movies about moving. It helps to read or view together and talk a little bit about the experience. Make sure that it’s a positive book or movie about moving, of course; otherwise, it might have the opposite effect. 

Talk About It 

The best way to mentally prepare your child for the changes that are about to happen is to talk about it as much as possible. Get them excited about the changes and discuss the things that you’re looking forward to. Address anything that they’re concerned about and above all, remember that excitement is contagious. 

The less that they see you stress and the happier that they see that you are about the move, the more likely that they are to mimic your behavior!

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4Tips For Moving To A New Place With Kids

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