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5 30-minute DIY Halloween costumes for babies New 2020

DIY Unicorn costume for babies by rookiemoms

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With an adorable eight-month old baby available to us, how could Heather and I not take advantage of being able to dress up Karen’s baby Allie in Halloween costumes for our annual Halloween blog posts? Behold 5 easy-peasy DIY baby Halloween costumes.

Baby Allie dresses up in 5 easy DIY costumes

I organized all the supplies and we headed over to Karen’s house with a bag of solid-colored cotton clothing and accessories. Here’s what we came up with.

Unicorn Baby Costume

DIY Unicorn costume for babies by rookiemoms

How to (Unicorn):

Starting with white footy pajamas or plain white outfit allows all the unicorn bling you attach to your baby to stand out. For the horn and ears, I used a glittery gold sticky sheet of foam and attached it to a headband, which I then wrapped with a length of a mini-feather boa. A quick trip to Michael’s will reveal these magical materials to you. I’ll link to Amazon in case you want to order and be done. For the tail, we safety pinned another length of glittery boa.

Finally, I happened to have rainbow babylegs on hand, so we added those for some pizzazz. Karen and Allie live in The Castro neighborhood of San Francisco, so obviously she will get years of use of these babylegs. PRIDE all day.

Sources: white pjs |  gold sticky foam | mini boa | rainbow babylegs

Hillary Clinton Baby Costume

Hillary Clinton baby Halloween costume

How to (Secretary Clinton):

Pairing a cotton cardigan with matching pants delivers that Secretary of State look from the get go, but adding a collared shirt and necklace is what makes Allie into a presidential candidate. Give her an American Flag bandana to clutch, and you’re done. More instructions on Hillary Clinton baby costume >

Sources: peter pan snapsuit | cardi in navy | pants in navy | red chewbeads | flag bandana

Charlie Brown Baby Costume

Easy Charlie Brown Costume

How to (Charlie Brown):

Use my new favorite craft material, sticky-back felt, to make a zig-zag that goes on a plain yellow t-shirt. Basic shorts are on the bottom and a scrap of stick felt or an eyeliner pencil can be used for the swoosh of hair on Charlie Brown’s forehead. A plush Snoopy completes the look.

Sources: yellow shirt | grey shorts | sticky felt | snoopy

Pumpkin Baby Costume

5 Easy Peasy Baby Costumes

How to (pumpkin):

Again with the sticky-back felt — and BTW, buy it at Michael’s for less than a dollar per sheet — this could not be easier. Full disclosure: the Charlie Brown zig zag stayed on great, while these Jack ‘O Lantern features seemed fragile. You might adhere them with glue or a couple stitches.

Sources: orange onesie |  sticky felt

Basketball Baby Costume

Halloween costume for bald babies: basketball! by RookieMoms

Pair with parent as player:

Seriously, I cannot get enough of the sticky-back felt embellishments. Next month I’m going to post the totally awesome wall decals I made out of this stuff. But for now, Halloween. So a basketball is super cute as a sidekick for mom or dad dressed as a retro basketball player, right? Check out Jessica from What I Wore in her DIY costume (wearing a large kids basketball jersey). Now imagine she’s carrying a baby instead of a ball. Love! See more mom & baby costume ideas >

Vintage Basketball costume

How to (Basketball):

So to execute the ball lines, you might want to use some string or tape for practice, and then ultimately draw them with a black sharpie or glue down yarn, or get crazy with the sticky-back felt.

Sources: orange onesie |  sticky felt | tube socks | kids’ Jordan jersey | women’s basketball shorts

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Stay tuned for more baby costume ideas this month — and browse related links below.

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