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5 Common Newborn Photo Mistakes and How to Avoid Them ”

Whether it was through arduous labor or a lengthy adoption process, you went through a lot to get your baby. 

In comparison, how hard could it be to get good newborn photos? 

It might surprise you to learn that it’s easier said than done. Lots of families go through photoshoots only to not get the results they want. 

But with a little planning, you can capture pictures that are almost as beautiful as your baby. To help you out, we reveal 5 common newborn photo mistakes that parents make and how you can avoid them. 

1. Not Prioritizing Lighting 

Not surprisingly, good lighting is one of the most important components of newborn photography.

We recommend ambient light as it creates a soft, natural glow. Plus, it won’t make your baby’s skin look red. 

When setting up the lighting, feel free to use shadows. As long as they’re positioned correctly, shadows can make pictures more interesting by adding depth. 

2. Overediting 

Your baby is beautiful just the way they are. As such, you want to avoid overediting your newborn photos.  

Now, that’s not to say you can’t make any touchups. Professional newborn photographers recommend making minor adjustments, such as adjusting the white balance to add warmth.  

3. Not Scheduling Enough Time for the Shoot

As new parents, you’re spending a lot on diapers, bottles, formula, toys, and everything in between. 

So we understand if you try to save a little money when scheduling photo sessions. However, if your session isn’t long enough, there’s no way you’ll get the pictures you want. 

You should leave plenty of wiggle room to accommodate for changings, feedings, and fussiness.  

4. Using Excessive Props 

One of the most common newborn photo mistakes is using excessive props.

We get it — gigantic hats and extravagant wraps are adorable. But you don’t want to go overboard. 

Keep in mind that your baby is the star of the show. If you want to go all-out with some photos of newborns, make sure you keep props to a minimum in others. The simplicity will allow you to capture your baby’s newly forming personality. 

5. Forcing Poses

Your baby is cute, but they aren’t are a model. You don’t need to direct their every move during the shoot. 

As such, the best baby photo poses are those that are natural. You’ll thank yourself when you have beautiful images of them interacting with family members or observing the world around them. 

Note: In addition to more memorable moments, be sure to capture some sleeping photos. Nothing is as pure and innocent as your baby in slumber. 

Capture Memories With the Best Newborn Photos

Hearing these 5 newborn photo mistakes shouldn’t make you nervous for your shoot. If anything, they’ll make you feel more prepared! 

With a little preparation and communication with your professional newborn photographers, you’ll set yourself up for success. Trust us when we say that you and your family will be gushing over these pictures for years to come.

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5 Common Newborn Photo Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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