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5 Dental Care Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy Between Visits ”

Wondering how to keep your pearly whites clean between dental visits? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Going to the dentist twice a year is a great way to keep your oral health in check. But there are several things you can do at home to ensure that the dentist gives you a glowing review. Hint: flossing is more important than you think! 

Keep reading to learn 5 dental care tips that will keep your teeth healthy year-round. 

1. Brush Twice Daily 

Even if you have the best dentist in the world, you still have to brush your teeth twice a day.

Like everyone else, you’ve probably had a few nights where you’ve neglected brushing your teeth. But even when you feel tired, you still have to clean them for a couple of minutes. Because if you don’t, you’re leaving lots of germs and plaque to build up in your mouth overnight. 

2. Brush Correctly 

Cleaning your teeth twice a day won’t do much good unless you have the right technique. 

You want to gently move your brush around in circular motions, making sure to get every area. It’s also important to brush your tongue, which can have a build-up of bacteria and plaque. 

And don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months!   

3. Floss Regularly

While it may seem frivolous at times, flossing is more important than brushing. And you should try to do it at least once a day. 

A common misconception is that flossing only gets rid of pieces of food stuck in your teeth. But in fact, it actually stimulates the gums, gets rid of plaque, and prevents gum disease. 

And if you’re a toothpick user, consider switching to floss. Toothpicks aren’t good for your gums and can actually lead to infection. 

4. Avoid Sugar and Acid 

Unfortunately, that morning coffee with cream and sugar is doing a bit of damage to your teeth.

When sugar gets broken down in the mouth, it produces acid. And when acid meets your teeth, it starts to break down tooth enamel which leads to cavities. So instead of consuming soda and candy, try eating crunchy veggies and drinking lots of water.  

5. Stop Smoking 

If you’re a smoker, this tip is for you.

Smoking can do some real damage to your teeth and overall oral health. It can stain teeth, cause bad breath, contribute to gum disease, and make you susceptible to oral cancer. 

But if you quit smoking, you will lower your risk of disease and improve oral hygiene. 

Did You Find Those Dental Care Tips Helpful? 

Dental care can often feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Just try to get into a good routine and treat your teeth with the love and care they deserve. They’re the only ones you’ve got! 

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5 Dental Care Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy Between Visits

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