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5 Easy Birthday Frozen Party ideas for busy moms! New 2020

Frozen-themed birthday party ideas (for easy and cheap!)

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Last night I made the possible mistake of inviting my kids to help me brainstorm what a Frozen-themed birthday party might look like. This morning I learned that Scarlett took that as a cue to start making her guest list — and her birthday is not for three months. Luckily, I have found some amazing frozen party ideas.

Though I may have signed up for something more complicated than I’m willing to host, we did come up with some fun ideas on our own as well, and when I poked around the web, relying heavily on the Disney-enthusiast bloggers, I found that many folks have done brilliant Frozen party ideas already.

Here’s what my kids want to do:Frozen-themed birthday party ideas (for easy and cheap!)

Frozen birthday party idea activities:

  • Sing. Sing along to the soundtrack at the top of their lungs, obviously.
  • Build. Make snowmen out of marshmallows and toothpicks.
  • Draw. Do a drawing tutorial so that each child creates an Olaf. (We did this at a Disney museum exhibit with a Mickey Mouse drawing lesson and it was super fun.) I am pretty good at drawing, and after watching a couple YouTube videos (search How to Draw Olaf) I think I could provide a lesson that first graders could follow.
  • Build more. I love this fort-construction activity that would be fun for a smaller gathering by the talented Jillian of Mommy Testers. Make sure to click through to see how she attached the icy fabric to the Crazy Forts set.

Frozen birthday party activity idea: ice palace fort

Frozen party decorations:

  • Balloons. Decorate with blue and white crepe paper and helium balloons. I am a little bit famous for sending kids home with balloons as favors.
  • Special guest. This Olaf balloon is 41″ tall, less than $10, and can greet guests at the door.
  • White holiday lights. You have those already, right?
  • Snowflakes. Paper-cut snowflakes can double as an activity for older kids. If you need to know how to cut the best snowflakes, see Wendy’s tutorial.

Check it out: Sara at hosted a backyard party with themed crafts, activities, and food. I love that she used stuff most of us already have on-hand like holiday lights and paper snowflakes for Frozen decorations.

Frozen kids party decor -- easy and cheap!

Sara also made these clever Olaf t-shirts for her boys.

How to make an Olaf shirt and other Frozen-themed party ideas

Frozen party food ideas:

Since I’m frequently overwhelmed by kids styled parties that seem to have 10 different dessert options, I’m tempted to suggest FROZEN food. Get it?

Instead, what I’d actually do is break from the theme and order from Chipotle so kids and adults can all build their own burritos and allow the kids to decorate white frosting-covered cupcakes with an assortment of white and silver sprinkles.

If you’re into a big dessert buffet, check out Amy’s tower of donut holes. But also a simple bowl of donut holes labeled “Snowballs” would work, too. (Eat them in the backyard, kids!)

Hanan at EatCraftParent has even more ideas for an inexpensive Frozen party on her blog. She did not, however, come up with the idea my 9-year old son had: He would like to rent an Olaf costume, in the scale of a sports team mascot, and sign autographs for the party guests. My daughter, presumably the guest of honor, suggested that guests crumple up paper into wads for a “snowball fight.” Creative, right?

Here are some more Frozen Birthday Party inspirations from Instagram

Find official Frozen plates and stuff for your party or an Elsa costume or cape for the birthday girl on Amazon. (Affiliate link.)

Heather and I are headed to the Disney Social Media Moms conference tomorrow (follow us on Instagram to see us goof around with other bloggers against the backdrop of Disneyland) so I thought it would be a good time to share ideas for a Frozen birthday party. This post is not sponsored, nor is our conference attendance. Travel and conference passes were paid for by us. And please don’t tell our kids. They wouldn’t understand.

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